Things to Do in Bangkok

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The city of Bangkok, well known as “The City of Angels,” is a cultural-rich city that lovers of culture can never miss visiting. The amazing royal residence, the temples and other religious sites, the recently opened Bangkok Art and Culture Center, and other galleries and museums are the major attractions of the Thai’s capital, Bangkok. The monuments are just amazing. For tourists who find it fun to interact with other cultures, go sightseeing and experience adventure; the city of Bangkok is a great destination that offers these things and more. With the easily accessible and widely known historic landmarks and must-see sites, visitors do not give a second thought about touring this wonderful city to sample and discover its exciting delights. On the itinerary list, you will be amazed to learn there is more that you can see and do.


Bangkok museums cover every possible historic agenda of Thailand. You will find classical and temporary art, photography, and antiques from the prehistoric to the Rattanakos eras. Almost every province in the Thai Kingdom is covered. The national museum of the country covers important aspects of the past. The largest museum is the Bangkok National Museum. The museum is a site that tourists will want to start with to stimulate their holiday adventures and trigger their interests to continue their vacations. In the museum, you will discover a large collection of royal regalia, weaponry, musical instruments, and other kinds of arts on display.

There is also the Royal Barges Museum in Bangkok that you would want to visit. One interesting thing about this attraction is the beautifully ornamented boats Thais use in ceremonial processions on the nearby river. It is a moment for travelers to interact with locals and experience the sense of the local traditions and culture. At the day’s end, you get fascinated with yourself for your indulgence and even appreciation of the wealth of the Thai’s rich culture.

Exhibition Centers

Bangkok serves to host almost all kinds of exhibitions ranging from trade shows to conventions. They are mostly held in modern centers like the Queen Sirikit and the Muang Thong Thani National Convention Center. Travelers take pleasure in the exhibitions they probably have never seen before. At least take a photo of yourself against panoramic exhibition backgrounds for wonderful holiday memories. On display in the exhibition centers are jewelry, wedding expo, furniture, fashion, beauty, book fair, and traveling festivals—just to list but a few. Visiting such centers, besides fun and adventure, also provides a golden opportunity for one to learn about many subjects in diverse fields.


The parks and hotels in Bangkok help relieve tourists from the heat and noise of the city. The largest and well-known park is the Lumphini Park. The park was built in the 1920s by Rama VI with the intention to provide a place for joggers to keep fit during the morning hours and the afternoons when it was cool. In this park, families can enjoy boat rides on the lakes. There are many shady trees for rest. Many local and international events are also held in this park, and visitors are treated to attractive sightseeing.

Other “must-visit” parks are the Chatuchak and Rama Parks, which are the second largest parks. Here you will find botanic gardens and sporting clubs. Other parks you can visit are Benchasiri Park, Saranrom Park, and the Grand Palace Park.

Things to Remember While Planning Your Visit to Bangkok

  • Visit Bangkok in the month of March so you do not miss the Thai Kites Festivals and be part of the country to preserve kite flying as part of the national heritage.
  • Do not miss the Bangkok flower market to see the variety of flowers on sale and purchase some as well. It is open 24 hours daily.
  • Most festivals like the Beer Garden Festival and Loi Krathong and Candle Festival occur annually in November.
  • Grand Palace is not a place to miss while in Bangkok, but it is advisable to dress modestly, as it is a very sacred site for the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

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