Things to Do in La Carlota City

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As one of the Philippines’ 4th Class cities, the La Carlota is in the Southwest of Central Negros Occidental province. To its north is the City of Bago, Kanlaon Volcano ranges to the East, and the La Castellana town in the SouthWest. It is 21 meters above sea level and its wet mostly from June to December. With a great development potential in addition to the wealthy of natural resources and wonderful people, this city stands out as a charm that attracts the adventurous to exploit the many touristic offerings it possesses.

La Carlota is renowned as a town of champions and producer of “best Gamecocks” in the Philippines for having produced 3 world boxing champions: Little Dado, Pancho Villa, and Small Montana. You will never be out of an option as a visitor to La Carlota. Below are a few alternatives that holidaymakers who choose La Carlota can do.

Guintubdan Pavilion

If you are a nature lover, your entry to this pavilion will result in a discovery of an array of activities you can get pleasure from and apart from thrilling in being in harmony with nature. Some visitors love trekking through the forest to enthrall and marvel of the beautiful bush flowers while others are lured by the cool spring waters. From this vantage, people enjoy the green mountains vista and the waterfalls. The magnetic that pulls many, however, is the serenity that the site offers.

Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park

La Carlota is a dream-city for lovers of nature, hosting of 1,046.15 hectares of Mt. Kanlaon Volcano’s and Kanlaon Natural Park’s rainforest. Featuring an active volcano with the highest peak point in Central Philippines at (2,465m.), the park is mainly flocked by mountain climbers, sightseers and nature watchers.

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

This ancient church, dated to over 100 years and built around 1876 by the Spanish colony, stands at the center of the city. Roman architectural design sets the church out, as only a few have these features. Most materials used to construct the building are unique and were obtained from Guimaras Island. The site is usually an attraction to many people.

Iron Dinosaurs of Central Azucarera de La Carlota, Inc.

A black stream locomotive commonly known as “Iron Dinosaur” on the west entry of La Carlota welcomes visitors. It is a landmark that captivates travelers to and transiting the city.

Pasalamat Festival

The people of La Carlota mark the end of harvesting and milling season by festivities that last a week, and occurs in the last week of the month of April. The event attracts both locals and international visitors. A remarkable display of dance to the tune of “Pasalamat Samba Beat” plays the trick with local performers clad in colorful costumes designed of traditional fabric.

Le Grand Dairy Products

A taste of Le Grand dairy milk is an opportunity many would not want to miss on their visit to La Carlota. The milk is hailed as fresh and indeed it is a cow’s real fresh product from the Central Negros farms. Many cows producing the milk are the Holstein and Sahiwal dairy breeds, imports from Newzealand loaned to farmers in regions around the city.

Places to rewind

12 kilometers from the city is Haguimit Hill Top Resort, which is loved by many travelers as a place to unwind and enjoy soothing breezes. Another interesting place is Paraiso Resort, which is a quiet and cool place for guest. It is famed as a relaxation haven. These accommodation options are just but a few of the many hideaways in La Carlota.

To get to La Carlota, it is only about a one-hour drive by car from Bacolod.

Other attractions

  • Ecjdurian farms
  • La Granja Agricultural Research Center
  • Kalbaryo Re-enactment (Good Friday)

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