Will India Become A Muslim Country?


Ever since Islamic Jihad defeated the Soviet and NATO Armies in the Indian North West , the possibility of India- the last bastion of the Hindu Civilization and Hinduism- becoming a Muslim nation , has become all the more certain.

Median Age

In 2010 the Median age of Indian Muslims was 22 years while that of the Hindus was 26 years. The ratio of young children in the age group 0-6 among Indian Muslims is also higher than that for the Hindus. Besides Indian Muslim girls are married off earlier than Hindu girls.

Fertility Rate.

The fertility rate among Indian Muslims was 4.1 children per women in 2001 while that for the Hindus was 2.5. By 2050 the Muslim fertility rate is expected to fall to 2.1 while that of the Hindus is calculated to drop to 1.9. Thus the Hindu fertility is not only lower but is decreasing at a faster pace than that of Muslim population.

Growth Rate.

The Indian Muslim population grew at an annual average rate of 2.2 % between 2001 and 2011 while the corresponding figure for the Hindu population was 1.4 %. In 2010 the Indian Muslim population grew at a rate of 14.4 % and in 2050 will grow at a rate of 18.4 %. Consequently the percentage of the Indian Muslims in the total population of India went up from 13.4 % in 2001 to 14. % in 2011 and is expected to reach 19 % by the end of the Century. It estimated that by 2050, the percentage of Hindus in the total Indian population will drop to 76 .7 %. Thus the impact of median age, the fertility rate and the Growth rate is that Hindus will continue to decline while the Muslims will continue to grow.

An Aggressive Minority.

In the past decade Indian Muslims have been displaying aggressive posturing and becoming more vocal in their demands. There is a spurt in the number of Mosques and the size of gatherings on religious occasions. There is a gradual increase in the number of Muslim families moving into colonies and settlements dominated by Hindus with a gradual exodus of Hindus from pre-dominantly Muslims colonies, towns and settlements as seen in the exodus of Hindus from Indian Kashmir and the Mopalla district of Kerala. Muslim communities vote in elections as a single block. Consequently most Indian political parties attempt to consolidate their hold on the Muslim vote bank by making concession that further enhances their exclusivity and posturing.

International Jihad.

India lies adjacent to Pakistan and the Pak-Afghan border- the epicenter of Jihad with only Iran separating the Indian sub-continent from the Syria-Iraq region being ravaged by the Islamic State. Jihad has already emerged in Chinese Sinkiang, Bangladesh, and Southern Thailand while radical Islam is growing vocal in neighboring Malaysia, Indonesia and the Maldives. The Islamic State is consolidating its hold in the Indian North West and Indian Kashmir. Its leader, Abu Bakr AL-Baghdadi in his weekly Friday sermons regularly calls for Jihad against India. For the Jihadist, India having been one of the centers of Medieval Islamic power (Mughal India), is a natural target. Above all, Islam is against idol worship and Hindu India is the epitome of Idol worship. The writing on the wall is very clear.


Hence it does appear that India will become a Muslim Nation in the near future either due to the rapid growth of its Muslims population or occupation by an advancing Jihad. However we should not overlook the power of Hindu Nationalism. Very little research has been done on the failure of Medieval Islam to fully convert the Hindu population or the scope and extend of Hindu resistance to advancing Jihad between 900AD to 1700AD. It must be recalled that in 1947 none expected Independent India to survive into the 21st Century as a united democratic Nation. One must also remember the derogatory reference of former U.S. Secretary of state, Robert McNamara to India’s slow economic growth as the Hindu growth rate. Both these criticisms display the ignorance of the world about the Hindu Civilization. With their backs to Indian Ocean and Media coverage of Jihadists’ atrocities pouring into their living rooms, may stir up forces deep within the Hindu psyche that the world has not witnessed before.

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4 Responses

  1. Samir

    August 9, 2016 6:50 am

    Yes, I agree that with the slow conversion of nearby island countries to Islam and rapidly growing population and demands of Muslims in India along with a vocal Hindu minority emerging in campuses like JNU and intellectuals in support of Jihadi terror, India is set to become Islamic state in future. The date might be uncertain but we Hindus should maybe learn to play second fiddle to Muslims now because in an Islamic state they would either convert non-muslim people to Islam, give them the status of second-rate citizens as Dhimmis or wage war upon them. I think its wise to accept the second option where we Hindus can hope to retain our identity and yet co-exist with Muslims in an Islamic state.

  2. dr.mohammed hafizuddin ahmed

    December 3, 2016 8:17 am

    If the indian majority hindu great grant children of Adam & Eve learn science much & apply in Vedic monotheism & good karma concept of Geeta & heartily accept the idea of “Vasudhaiba Kutumbukum” then 100percent modern hindus even RSS members first will embrace Islam.But mod. Ind. Muslims must behave well ,learn best wiisdom , earn big money through branded world businesses/ services And help heartily Indian poor Dalits/Pandits/any community As Quran enlightening us since 610AD.let’s hope of Allah fearing World & get all in Jannat.Amen!

  3. vishwas

    January 20, 2017 9:30 am

    Times have changed. Hindus no more tolerant. With increasing Muslim population, a spark is inevitable leading to collapse of the governance leading to mass killings. Hindus are angry and just waiting for an opportunity. It may lead to unbelievable destruction and killing uncompared in the history ultimately leading to elimination of Islam from India. India does not have Mahatma Gandhi know to save Muslims.

  4. Anil Thomson

    July 25, 2020 7:07 am

    No, Some states become Chirstian nations and some become Islamic nations. Hindus will become minorities in India as well as world


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