Facts And Information About Scotland

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Scotland is an alluring place to visit for nature lovers. The dense greenery, stunning landscapes, wild coastlines and tall mountains and rolling hills beckon visitors from around the world to unfold its beauty and is one of the seats of education in the United Kingdom.

Fact 1 Where Is Scotland

Scotland is a small country that is located in the British Isles. It is the perfect place to visit for education, work as well as enjoyment. It is a part of U.K. and stands in the northern part of Great Britain. The mainland of Scotland is bordered by England in the south. Since it is located in the mid-western part of Europe, there are different water bodies that surrounds it, making it one of the most attractive tourists’ destinations. The North Sea is located on the eastern part of Scotland that divides the country from Norway, Scandinavia and other European areas. Denmark is on the south-east and Germany stands further south of the North Sea. The western and northern parts of Scotland is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is easy to reach Greenland from Scotland by moving northwards towards Iceland.

Fact 2 People Of Scotland

The people of Scotland are very friendly for which people of different languages live here in great harmony. Visitors too are happy with the disposition and cordial behavior of the Scottish people who serve at the hotels and restaurants.

Fact 3 Education

Scotland is perhaps the ideal place for study for all those who really respect education and want to carry on their studies in a friendly environment. There are innumerable universities in Scotland and each one of them has its own uniqueness. Some of the best universities of Scotland are Edinburgh Napier University which is an innovative university that focuses on the requirements of the students, professors and the economy. The Open University aims to offer higher education to all aspirants irrespective of their economic conditions or where they live. Glasgow School of Arts is one of the well-known, independent art schools of the United Kingdom. The world’s first Mechanic Institute was established in 1821 as the School of Arts in Edinburgh. However, the first Scottish University was the University of Sterling that stood there for over 400 years. There are many other educational institutes also that are open to all those who wish to pursue various types’ of vocations and use it to further their professional life.

Fact 4 Places To Visit

Once you are in Scotland which is accessible from all parts of the world by air, you can travel to the most visited cities of Europe. You can visit all your favorite cities as they are all linked by air, sea or land. Enjoy yourself at Paris, London, Frankfurt or Amsterdam and even Glasgow, Edinburgh and other tourists’ destinations easily from Scotland.

Fact 5 Tourism In Scotland

In Scotland, Borders Railway has created a boost in the tourism system. There are plenty of options of enjoying oneself here. It is your choice in what ways you want to travel, on road, ferry network or rail. Transport facilities are unique and very convenient to travel here and you can easily reach your destinations. There are many things to do and see in Scotland. A train ride or a ride on the historic board will give you an experience of a lifetime. The train takes you through the sets of a film that was launched years ago that takes you back to yester years. The local food and amazing drinks will make you go crazy. For adventure lovers, you can have fun rafting in the white waters, kayaking, fishing, archery or golf. There are innumerable ways to enjoy yourself in Scotland.

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