What is chow mein?

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Chow mein refers to a popular Chinese noodle dish.  In chow mein, the noodles are stir fried typically with vegetables and meat to add more flavor and nutrition.  Many Chinese food along with other Asian delicacies are noodle-based and one very popular dish is chow mien. This particular noodle dish is very easy to prepare and will only take a couple of minutes of cooking. Stir-frying the noodles along with the other ingredients make this dish a favorite not only among Asians and Chinese, but also among other nationalities like the Americans and the British for example.  Many Chinese and Asian restaurants offer their own serving of stir-fried noodles or chow mien.

There are many varieties to chow mien with chicken being the most popular meat added to the noodle dish.  Vegetables like onions and celery are commonly added into the dish along with cabbage and carrots.  Aside from chicken, pork or beef may also be the meat of choice in preparing chow mien.  Other vegetables may also be added into making chow mien depending on people’s preferences.  For the most common version, soy sauce is used in stir-frying the noodles.  Other sauces like oyster sauce or fish sauce may also be used by others in preparing their own version of this popular dish.

With chow mien being a very popular dish, one dish that is prepared in China for example may not be actually the same as the one prepared in the US or the UK.  This is simply because people have added their own ingredients and sauces according to their palates and preferences.  The popularity of this dish basically led to people experimenting on the original and standard recipe and this has resulted to different preparations, flavors, and varieties of chow mien.  Chinese restaurants spread across the globe also have different versions of chow mien in terms of ingredients and flavor.  The basic thing that is common among chow mien preparations is that the noodles are stir-fried along with the other ingredients.

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