What is Adderall?

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Adderall is a brand of drug that is typically prescribed for people with ADHD or attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder .  Some doctors also prescribe Adderall for patients with narcolepsy or those with impaired sleeping and waking cycles secondary to neurological concerns.  As a drug, Adderall belongs to the phenethylamine class and contains various active ingredients like amphetamines and dextroamphetamines.  This drug is classified as a psycho-stimulant drug and produces a mix of psychological and emotional high for patients undergoing treatment.  There are also studies that cognitive abilities can also improve with Adderall treatment.  Even a person’s sexual urge or libido can also be enhanced or heightened by taking Adderall.  With this kind of effect, Adderall treatment can lead to addiction or drug dependency.

If Adderall is taken at the prescribe doses, this drug is considered to be generally safe.  It is also well tolerated by most people who may have ADHD or narcolepsy.  Aside from its psychogenic stimulatory effect, Adderall can also help suppress appetite while boosting metabolism at the same time.  With these effects, many so-called weight-watchers are also prescribed with this drug.  Many people who are obese and trying to lose some unwanted pounds may gain some benefit with Adderall treatment.

Adderall is a prescription-only drug because of its psycho-stimulant effect.  For abuse and over dosage of this drug, various complications and side effects may occur.  These unwanted symptoms include tremors and panic attacks with some people also experiencing confusion.  Drug dependency on Adderall may also lead to cardiac problems and even death in severe abuse or overdose cases.  With the dangers associated with this drug, extreme caution must be taken especially for people with existing medical conditions like high blood pressure, Raynaud’s syndrome, and epilepsy among others.  Those who have history of drug addiction or alcoholism are also cautioned into taking Adderall because of its highly potent and addictive psychogenic effects.

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