Benefits of Celtic Sea Salt

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Celtic Sea Salt refers to a naturally occurring moist salt which is collected from the water of the Atlantic sea especially from the coast of Brittany in France. The salt is produced from the sea water using the Celtic method of salt production where wooden rakes instead of metal ones are used. The salt is left to dry naturally and dried using the sun’s heat in clay pots. The salt is not exposed to metal throughout with the produced salt being stored in wooden containers to prevent any interference with the salt’s natural enzymes.

Advantages of Celtic Salt:

Celtic Sea Salt is an unrefined variety of salt and it consists of the complete set of 84 beneficial items such as calcium, magnesium potassium, iron and zinc which are found generally in the sea water in addition being free from any form of chemical, preservatives and additives. These trace minerals and nutrients offer a solution to many health issues.

Health Benefits of Celtic Salt:

  • Celtic Salt helps in relieving symptoms of mucal congestion.
  • Regulating Blood Pressure: The salt plays a significant role in regularizing and balancing blood pressure by eliminating the excess sodium deposits in the body. Sodium increases the blood pressure of the body however; magnesium can negate the effect of sodium and can maintain blood pressure. Sea salt has enough magnesium to balance the sodium and consequently the blood pressure of the body is maintained.
  • Celtic sea salt reduces the acidity of the body especially from the brain. Also the minerals which are present in the sea salt enhance the working of the nerve cells.
  • Increases the ability to sleep better in the nights
  • Celtic salt helps the body to get rid of excess water and the electrolytes in the body and eliminates kidney and gall bladder stones by dissolving them
  • The numerous minerals in the salt are directly sent to the cells in our body and this increases the immune power and resistance to infections. The salt has anti bacterial properties which comes in handy as it can be used to wash open wounds and for gargling the mouth during sore throat.
  • The Celtic sea salt also supplies the required minerals and electrolytes which are required to prevent cramps
  • Maintains blood glucose levels in the body and also acts to maintain body’s pH levels. The sea salt alkalizes the body of the person who consumes the salt.
  • When the water intake is less in a person drooling happens during sleep and causes double chin as the salivary glands are working more to keep the insides of our mouth lubricated. However, this problem is resolved if water mixed with Celtic salt is ingested.
  • Also an isotonic solution of sea salt mixed with water can be given to patients who are suffering from hemorrhage, burns and infection.

Conclusion: It has traditionally been believed that excess of salt or salt in general is bad for our health. It is to be understood that refined table salt which has been bleached and passed through numerous chemical processes is the culprit while natural occurring grey colored Celtic sea salts does more good than harm. It has been proven that sea salt when taken in the right manner and right quantity has cured many chronic problems and restored wholesome health to people. It is therefore advisable to use Celtic sea salts or other unprocessed naturally occurring salts like Himalayan salt in the place of table salt and derive its numerous benefits.

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