The Mighty Power of Little Things in Life

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Peter was feeling off color that morning. Cutthroat deadlines and unbeatable targets were getting on his nerves. In a bitter mood, he brewed coffee and walked in the direction of the coffee table. There was Katy relishing hers and she greeted Peter with the warmest smile he could ever receive. Her smile could relieve him slightly. He felt the day was not going to be as messy as he was expecting. Stepping into his office, he was welcomed by a neatly set table with that day ‘s schedule ready on the table. The whole setting was enough to radiate a spark of pleasantness in him. The little things, the sweet little deals, that we, advertently or inadvertently , do can exercise great impact on others. They can influence the people around us indomitably and stupendously.

What are little things?

In the long run of life, there are umpteen things that are taken for granted. These little things show their potency when they go wrong. A punctured wheel, failure of electric supply , a car with an empty fuel tank , these are all little things that can upset the rhythm of life. Then we realize that even little things contribute to the general well being of our existence. We realize the power of sweet faces when they turn sour. We realize the impact of radiant nature when it turns lost luster. As such it is the littlest things that decide the smooth flow of life. Small deeds of charity, acts of concern and understanding, tiny displays of virtues-the list of mighty little things are endless. They undoubtedly exercise an imposing influence on ourselves and people around us. The warmth of the sunshine, gentle touch of breeze ,       the purest droplets of a mild shower, all have their own intensity in our lives. It is true that, we are tend to overlook their significance.

How can little things be mighty?

Correct the little things and the great will follow. As the proverb goes,” A mighty flame follows a tiny spark. “ Great things are not done by impulse , but by a series of small things brought together. Focusing on little things makes us view a given task from all perspective and , definitely, the doer goes deep into the task at hand. As he delves deep into it , he finds the execution of it very easy as he touches the very soul of the task at hand.

Significance of little things can very well be understood by a student who ignores regular studies. So is the case of an architect who, if simplest things overlooked, would end up spoiling his plans.

John Keats in his Endymion speaks about the need to associate ourselves with the simple things of nature. He invokes the readers to the universal truth that the pall of despondence that comes of our life on earth could be erased if we connect ourselves with the mighty little things of nature like the sun ,the moon, stars etc. our lives become complacent when we find eternal charm in the little things of nature.

If you cannot do great things, do small things in great way. A palatial house can never be called a home but for the sweet little deeds like a warm hug and a touch of concern. The bounty of nature get expressed in the sheen given out by a tiny dew drop on a blade of grass. If we ignore tiny little things we shed the beauty of life. Enjoy the little things or one day you may look back and realize they were big things.

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