Benefits Of Leisure And Recreation

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What are leisure and recreational activities?

Leisure and recreation refer to activities that are performed for the sole purpose of enjoyment and not for serious purposes such as work. Leisure and recreational activities can be passive or active depending on one’s choice.

Passive leisure and recreational activities

These are activities which involve very minimal to no body movement. These include things like listening to music, watching a movie, and reading a book among others.

Active leisure and recreational activities

These are activities which involve physical movement. They may involve light to intense body movement depending on the type of activity involved. They include activities such as partying, dancing, sports and playing.

Leisure and recreation are for all ages

Leisure and recreation are practices that have been embraced by humanity since time immemorial. In the olden days, communities would engage in activities such as dances and wrestling. These would sometimes be organised at the community level and would be attended by the entire village or town. In the modern society too, things like dancing in clubs are common.

In the olden days, people would sometimes come together and roast meat in the open fire then eat it as they party together. In today’s society too, things like barbecue parties are common.

People of all kind of ages engage in leisure and activities. Old men may engage in activities such as playing golf and listening to country music while much younger men may engage in activities such as basketball and listening to hiphop music. Even young children engage in leisure activities such as Playstation, roller coaster riding, merry-go-round, and play among others.

Leisure and recreation places

Places for recreation include parks, malls, casinos, sports courts, playgrounds and outdoors among others. Sports courts may include basketball courts, tennis courts, and football pitches while outdoors may involve activities such as fishing, birdwatching, walking, hiking, skiing, swimming, going for picnics or just spending an afternoon at the beach.

Benefits of leisure and recreation

Leisure and recreation have a number of benefits to the person engaging in them, to the society, and to the economy as a whole.

Benefits of leisure and recreation to a person

Leisure and recreation first of all help a person relax. They take one’s mind off everyday strains and demands and helps one to relax. By taking one’s mind off the pressures and demands of daily life such as work and school, they help eliminate stress.

Secondly, leisure and recreation help in revitalising a person and giving them a sense of fulfillment. We have all heard of the saying, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. This is especially true as studies have revealed that people who take time to unwind through leisure and recreational activities tend to be more fulfilled in their personal lives than those who don’t. Child psychologists also recommend enough play for children. Leisure and recreation help improve one’s mood.

Thirdly, leisure and recreation are beneficial to one’s health. They first of all help one relax hence improving blood circulation throughout the body. Leisure and recreational activities which involve physical movement also help one burn calories and thereby manage their weight. The activities altogether help someone to keep fit and consequently, one will not be prone to lifestyle related diseases.

In addition, leisure and recreation help one to socialise and make friends with others.

Socioeconomic benefits of leisure and recreation

Leisure and recreation help lessen crime as people steer away from crime when they engage in leisure and recreation. In addition, things like parks and malls are revenue generating.

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  1. Claire Masters

    November 12, 2021 2:51 am

    My husband and I are looking for something to do now that the lockdown has been lifted. I do agree that leisure activities reinvigorate someone’s disposition especially going through tough ordeals in the previous couple of years. I think I’ll rent some kayak equipment and see if going out in the waters is something we would enjoy this weekend.


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