Getting Rid Of Roaches

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What are roaches
Roaches are commonly known as cockroaches. After the housefly, the cockroach is probably the most common household pest. Cockroaches are beetle-like insects which are reddish to brownish in color. Adult roaches measure about 0.5-2 inches in length. They have a very long pair of antennae and have three pairs of legs. They also have a pair of wings which cover their entire back. They however do not fly.

Which places do roaches inhabit?
Cockroaches mainly like inhabiting cracks and crevices and other dark places. They are easily found in places such as cupboards, chest of drawers, wall units, kitchen shelves, bookshelves and other dark places such as underneath floor carpets. They like hidden and dark places and therefore you are likely to find them in a drawer or a cupboard that you’ve not opened for a while?

How do roaches behave?
Cockroaches may come out at any time of the day but they are however more com-mon at night especially when the lights have been turned off. They come out of their hiding places then and crawl around the house, invading food, utensils and other things. They are however quick to dash away when they sense someone approach-ing.

Cockroaches often crawl over uncovered foodstuffs and also inside clean and dirty utensils. It is common for one to remove a set of bowls to serve food in them only to find adult or little roaches inside the bowls. They also crawl over books and papers and may even hide inside the books.

Adult female roaches usually lay eggs after mating. They lay eggs in dark and hid-den places. It is common for one to find cockroach eggs inside cupboards, utensils and books. The eggs hatch into little roaches after a while and the life cycle is con-tinued.

Roaches are a menace
Roaches are usually a menace to many people. Imagine the embarrassment one gets when he or she is for example hosting friends for dinner and then a large reddish brown crawlie comes from beneath the dining table and cruises atop the table or worse still atop the plates? Isn’t it embarrassing? Also imagine yourself going to the shelf to take out some milk you left over in the morning only to find a roach floating atop it? It certainly is not something pleasant.

Away from the embarassment or the disgusting sights, roaches are also vectors for foodborne diseases.

How to get rid of roaches
The first and most important step in getting rid of cockroaches is to ensure good hygiene. Most roaches are usually attracted to an unsanitary environment and it’s therefore advisable to keep your environment clean in order to keep them away. Make sure that you wash dishes after meals and keep them away. Also make sure that you wipe the table after meals and also working surfaces in the kitchen. Food should also be covered. On top of these, you should empty refuse bins on time and also not leave a drawer or cupboard unopen for a long time.

Secondly, you can effectively get rid of roaches using insecticides. Insecticides which contain diazinon are effective in killing roaches. Insecticides have different brand names but make sure that the one you buy contains diazinon when you purchase it from the store. Liquid forms of diazinon are effective but you can also buy the chalk form. Make sure to follow the indicated directions.

Lastly, you can get rid of roaches through physically hitting them. This is however not very effective as the roaches may disappear before you are able to kill them.

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