How Religion Affects Society

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Paraphrasing author Garrison Keillor, ‘œPeople who think that sitting in a temple can make them a Hindu disciple or sitting in a church can make them a Christian are those who must think that sitting in a garage can make them a mechanic.’ When talking about the effects of ‘œreligion’ on society, people who believe in the terms of a specific religion think they have definite answers to their queries; but those who cannot really accept the rules of religion find those answers difficult to accept as true. We humans are pliant because we effortlessly amend to new stipulations and findings because of religion. Our cultures are decomposing in a chaotic approach. What if the society had no religion at all, or what if all people were followers of one god who is the creator of this universe?

Religion is such an antagonistic energy that assaults society:

When such attacks occur, the target people are the ones who are religious and believe blindly in various powers. Anything that happens in society must be sensed through personal experiences. In the name of religion, humanity is being attacked; along with it, entire cultures are being attacked. People do not accept religions other than their own, and, thus, attacks on various religious houses never cause any concern from them. When religious institutions are being destroyed, it is most likely to affect society and lead the societal part to ruins.

Religion’”positive and negative effects on society:

In the name of religion, society can be built and can be destroyed too; but this is now a days decided by the so-called-managers of religion. In our society, it is religion through which people decide whether a person is of fine character or is characterless. And in the midst of this fight, the self-respect, dignity, morals, peace of mind, and spirituality of society are being disturbed. If society has a spiritual nature, then it must be limited to its own boundaries; no one can judge or should judge others because of religion. If a person is a human being, how can society try to convince him to accept that he is an animal?

Religion has made society its slave:

A man knows better that he is a human, rather than an animal that society declares him to be. Wisdom occurs when a person achieves the right age of maturity; society and religion can never pave the way to righteousness and wisdom. The roots of religion are incorporated in a child from the date of his or her birth. The word ‘œreligion’ has been very dominant in our society since society was born. If a man lacks social abilities but is good at following a ‘œreligion,’ will that prove him to be a better individual? No…. This is how society is affected.

It is thought that if a place or society stops following religion or religion has ceased to influence lives, people are more likely to indulge in bad activities. Nevertheless, religion alone cannot be blamed. The morals and ethics that a person learns first from his or her parents can never learn them through religion. It is our parents who are our first teachers, not religion.

What religion must teach are values, ethics, motivation, and affection. Although religion has ruining effects on society today, it has created various segments within society that divides and rules the people. Religion has actually caused society to become harsh and selfish.

A lot of awareness is essential for society to leave back the animal instinct and material wants and to realize that it is one society who is working for the benefit of all. In this cynical and unhopeful world of segregation, there is still a hope that people will struggle throughout their lives being strong and motivated in the name of ‘œreligion’ unless it bewilders the society.

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