Facts About War

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War involves armed conflict between at least two opposing groups of countries.  This type of conflict had been introduced to human history even in ancient times.  Most wars in the past are fought as a means of claiming ownership to a piece of land and its people.  Some wars are also fought because of political disputes and other civil concerns.  Many countries around the world have gained independence in present times because of various wars and conflicts with other countries. The following are some interesting facts about wars:

Fact 1:  It only took 38 minutes for the shortest war in history to end.  Back in 1896, the people of Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania in Africa fought against British invaders for a little more than 30 minutes before they surrendered.

Fact 2:  The longest war in history lasted for 116 years.  Ending in 1453, the war between France and Britain is the longest armed conflict that is ever recorded in history books.  Britain and France may have been allies in recent wars, but these countries actually battled with each other for more than 100 years.

Fact 3:  The first official war or revolution was recorded to have occurred in 2800 BC in the city of Lagash. This Sumerian city was the sight of conflict between its people and the ruling bureaucrats who were corrupt.

Fact 4:  Income taxation was invented because of war.  During the more than 100 years of the war between Britain and France, the British government invented taxation of income to support its ongoing battle needs against France.

Fact 5:  In Japan, soldiers who are killed in battles and wars are given the honor that they deserve through rank promotion.  These soldiers who served their country were typically given the next highest rank.

Fact 6:  Iceland is one of very few countries who cannot literally engage in war. This country does not have its own military or armed forces making it unable to take part in any armed conflict against other countries.

Fact 7:  1 of every 2 casualties in war is civilian. This record is an unfortunate one because it simply emphasizes the collateral damage involved in any war between different countries.

Fact 8:  9 million soldiers died during the First World War.  Out of about 65 million troops from various countries, 9 million soldiers were killed in World War I.

Fact 9:  German and British troops played soccer during World War I. In an unofficial truce back in Christmas time of 1941, opposing soldiers of both countries enjoyed playing soccer with the Germans winning in a score of 3 to 2.

 Fact 10:  French soldiers were the first to used metal helmets in wars.  It was only in 1915 when metallic helmets were used as protection for the heads of the French military.

Fact 11:   One-third of all casualties of World War I were attributed to various diseases.  Many soldiers at the time died not in battle but because of disease.

Fact 12:  The Gulf War of 1991 was the first war wherein so-called smart bombs were extensively used.  A total of 17000 smart bombs were dropped by the US military in various parts of Iraq during this war in history.

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