What You Must Now About Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Samsung takes pride of its new invention Galaxy Note 4 which is now available in the market. This debuted gadget levels to Apple’s multi-tasking capacity but it definitely has more functions and applications to offer as it is operated by android. Aside from its affordability as compared to the competitor’s pricing, it’s user-friendliness is an advantage. If you are an Apple user who would want to be loyal forever, stop here since, reading the whole stuff might bend your beliefs.

1. Seamless and Natural Multitasking. Galaxy Note 4’s latest multi-window functinality affords its user more flexibility. Since, users of  this gadget are enabled to manage multiple applications at once on a single screen through the aid of simple gestures. Multiple applications can be operated as well in the home screen, not just widgets.

2. High Quality Display. The 5.7” Quad High Definition Super AMOLED display has an implausible range of precision in colours and high contrast in order to give its users vivid pictures as seen by the naked eye. The unit offers its users high-resolution viewing that is perfect for video streaming and e-book reading. This feature is advantageous to the older ones and to those who have vision problems.

3. Bright and Clear Images with Advanced Camera Settings. Galaxy Note 4 allows you to shoot brighter and clearer images using both rear and front cameras. A 3.7 megapixel front-facing  F1.9 lens camera and 16 megapixel Smart OIS back camera gives the users best results for capturing memories, dark surroundings aren’t excuses anymore. This means a more complete documentation of happenings and even better selfies and groufies.

4. It’s Fast Charging and has High Capacity. This innovation of Samsung has improved its charging capability to 30% which simply means, there is a lesser time for you to wait before you can eventually use it. You can charge from zero to 50% in a span of thirty minutes only, how is that?

5. Advanced S Pen. Improve your digital handwriting with the use of the latest S Pen that has enhanced pressure sensitivity. It can assure you of a precise expression of yourself.

6. Ultra Power-Saving Mode. It’s when you activate this special power-saving mode that you keep your battery going, thus, increasing the span of functionality of your device.

7. Heart Rate Monitor. Little did users of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that it has a unique function that makes it superior to iPhones. It is embedded of a heart rate monitor below the rear camera. It can take your pulse as you rest your finger on it.

8. More Storage. Storage capability is not a worry to Samsung users. Unlike most Apple devices, Samsung offers a memory card slot for users who would want to increase their device’s storage capacity. This only means that if your device has only 8 gigabyte as internal memory, this slot can allow you to put in another 32 gigabyte or more for storage, thus, increasing the device’s functionality.

9. Universal Remote Control for Television. There’s a tiny dot at the top of every Galaxy Note 4 that would enable the user to control his television set, a function that Apple has not thought of yet. Now, losing your remote control or say a dysfunctional remote control will not be a worry for a Galaxy Note 4 user anymore because the device itself can give remedy.

10. Two Apps at Once. Samsung made viewing of two applications at the same time possible. This is a first in the technological sphere although it has some restrictions since, not all applications can adopt to this function.

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