Facts About Countries

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There are hundreds of countries around the world with distinct characteristics and features. Each country is basically unique and boasts of various things including land area, population, economy, and culture among many others. Below are some interesting facts about different countries of the world:

Fact 1:  China and India are the most populous nations of the world.  With both countries having more than 1 billion people, these two countries make Asia the most populous continent.

Fact 2:  Russia is the biggest country in the world.  Its land area totals to about 17 million square kilometers.

Fact 3:  Vatican City has the distinction of being the smallest official country in the world.  With a land area of only .44 square kilometers, this small country is located in the heart of Rome in Italy.

Fact 4:  Greenland is considered the largest island country in the world.  This country in the northern hemisphere has a land area of more than 2 million square kilometers.  Being an island, it literally has no neighboring or bordering countries.

Fact 5:  The administrative district of Macau in China is the most densely-populated area in the world.  A total of 47 people are squeezing in for every square kilometer in this area of China.

Fact 6:  Norway uses the cleanest energy in the whole world.  99% of its energy needs is supplied by hydropower which is considered very clean and renewable.

Fact 7:  Singapore has the highest ratio of millionaires in the world.  One of every six households in Singapore is said to have a disposable income of 1 million US dollars or more.  No other country produces this many millionaires in terms of population percentage.

Fact 8:  The USA holds the most prisoners across the globe.  In fact, the more than 2 million prisoners in the US alone represent 25% of the world’s total in terms of people behind bars.  This country may only contribute 5% of the world’s population but its prisoners are so many that it constitutes a quarter of the world’s total.

Fact 9:  The small island nation of the Nauru holds the distinction of having the highest obesity rate in the world.  95% percent of Nauru’s population are registered as overweight and many believe this is due to the popular importation of Western food which is known to be very high in calorie count.  Nauru’s economy is also said to be improving which make more people earn more money for various items including food.

Fact 10:  France holds the most time zones across the world.  Including its territories in other continents, France has a total of 12 different time zones.

 Fact 11:  Libya is considered to be the most arid country in the world.  99% of Libya is desert and many of its regions do not get any rainfall for as long as a decade.

Fact 12:  Canada has the most educated people in the world.  Half of Canada’s population have a post-secondary degree or educational attainment.  This is the highest percentage in the world when it comes to education beyond the high school level.

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