Facts about Lipids

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Lipids are the basic building blocks of the living cells and there  structure is just like little molecules which contain hydrocarbons. Being the building blocks of the living cells, they are found in many options. Not only in the living cells, lipids are also found in wax and some other vitamins as well. Some of the categories of lipids include glycerolipids, fatty acids, glycerophsopholipids, sphingolipids and sterol lipids. The basic function of lipids is to store energy. Along with storing energy, lipids also act as the structural component of cell membrane. Along with this function, lipids also have industrial uses that include the manufacturing of food and cosmetics. Lipids have wide applications in nanotechnology as well. There are hundreds of interesting facts about lipids that many people are unaware of. This article will be focusing on some of the important and interesting facts about lipids, which are as follows:


A lipid contains more hydrogen than oxygen, and they are insoluble in water. The insolubility factor means that the molecules of the lipids stay intact even If they are tried to get dissolved in water.


Lipids are used in everyday life as well. We use many products in daily life that contain a major element of lipids in it. For example the candles that we use also contain lipids in its wax. Other products that contain lipids include candies, chewing gums and nail polishes.


Lipids are very good for health and they help to strengthen the cell membrane, so for that purpose some necessary amount of lipids are very important for keeping a healthy diet. As excess of everything is bad, so it is advised to have at least 30% of lipids must be included in your daily diet.


Besides having advantages, one of the biggest disadvantage of having unsaturated lipids in your diet is the risk of having heart diseases and cancer. These diseases are mainly caused due to the excessive usage of unsaturated lipids. Fish, vegetables and some nuts contain these lipids which are really good for health.


An interesting fact about lipids is that they are widely being used as a drug named “steroid” these days. It has more than one uses and they are also categorized as hormones that are extracted from cholesterol. As cholesterol is an item created from animal, so people who follow a plant based diet can avoid it easily.


Another interesting function of lipids is that they are involved in the mechanism of storing the energy in the human body, Due to the small size of its molecules, they help to keep all the biological process in balance and it also helps to develop the integrity in the structure of the cells.


Excessive use of lipids can also cause serious problems in the human body. One of the main symptoms of the lipid problem is the hardening of arteries. Mono-saturated and Tran’s fats are two types of lipids that are the cause of hardening of arteries due to their excessive intake in the human body.


There are couples of diseases in which lipids have played their essential role. These diseases are Alzheimer, cancer, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and some other inflammatory diseases as well.


In the developed world, the major causes of death are heart diseases and cancer, and both these diseases are mainly caused by excessive use of lipids. Hence, it has a very negative impact on the dieticians.

FACT 10:

Some lipids are used to give texture to the food products and hence they are widely used for industrial and manufacturing purposes as well.

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