Facts About Iguanas

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Iguanas are herbivorous lizard belonging to class reptiles. Found mainly in Brazil, Central America, Mexico and Caribbean are widely present as a pet animal in the respective regions. The life span of the Lizard as a pet is almost one year and in a few cases the owner may require help of pet control, still iguanas are a popular choice across their respective regions. There are different types of iguanas including ‘green iguanas’ and less common ‘Blue iguanas’ that are near extinction due the destruction of their habitat. Iguanas may weigh up to 8kgs and can be up to 2 meters in length.

Although it may seem like iguanas is just another kind of giant chameleon lizard, there are a few interesting facts that people generally may not know about iguanas.

Fact 1:

Iguanas are naturally brown and green in color that’s makes it possible for the animals to survive in the wild. This blend of colors makes them almost invisible to the predators. In most of the cases, iguanas choose to live on the tree near water so that in case of danger they may jump into the water and remain safe. Another reason of living at the top is basking in the sun that is done most effectively on the top of trees.

Fact 2:

It is a commonly accepted fact that iguanas are herbivorous lizard but interestingly they are omnivorous in nature. They mostly prefer fresh fruit and enjoy on trees but they can also survive on other types of feed too. If goof quality of feed is present they may grow upto 2 meters or more.

Fact 3:

As mentioned earlier iguanas are mainly found to be living on trees (40 to 50 feet tall ) in the tropical forest. The only exception when the lizards come down to land to live is when females have to lay eggs. In order to lay eggs they dig burrows.

Fact 4:

Eye contact is the major way of iguanas to communicate with each other. They make rapid eye contact and eye movements in order to communicate with each other. These eye signals are one of the unique qualities found in these lizards.

Fact 5:

Iguanas have the excellent ability to detect danger due to a very good eye sight, they see their prey and sense their predator before the opponent even knows about it. This is one of the most survival features of this specie.

Fact 6:

‘Tail’ is the most commonly known feature of iguanas adults, it ensure the movement of the animal. In case of danger the tail will allows a rapid movement of the animal to take it to a safer spot.

Fact 7:

Green iguanas have three eyes. The ‘third eye’ of an iguana is a retina like structure which do not actually performs any function of eye is connected to the pineal gland of the brain and reacts the different intensities of lights in predator and is a defense mechanism in the predator prey relation.

Fact 8:

They use lung for breathing and in case they have to swim in water (as they are excellent swimmers) in fight or flight situations they can hold their breath for 28 minutes.

Fact 9:

Iguanas do not show any affection to their eggs, females never protect their eggs instead they are left on their own.  The number of eggs that a female lays at one time may range from 20 to 71.

Fact 10:

Young iguanas stay with the group of adults in order to seek protection from them. This period of protection can be up to 1 year.

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