Facts about malaria:

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Malaria is one of the deadly diseases in the world and it affects many people every year. Malaria is caused due to the biting of a mosquito that later cause’s serious consequence not only to humans but also to animals as well. It is sometimes also referred to as an infection that becomes life threatening if not properly treated. The area in which malaria is more common includes sub-Saharan Africa, Central and South America, Indian subcontinent pacific islands and south East Asia. Many treatments have been suggested by the doctors so far, but one common suggestion that all the doctors give is to have a clean environment, because mosquitoes are mostly found in the areas where there is damp water. That is why it is always advised not to let the water stay for long time in some particular area. People should also use mosquito repellent sprays and other chemicals so that they can minimize the risk of having malaria in their surroundings. There are many interesting facts about malaria that many people are unaware of, and this article will be focusing on those interesting facts.


Malaria is mainly caused by a deadly parasite named Plasmodium. This parasite enters into the human body as a result of biting of female anopheles mosquito. There are many types of plasmodium that exist, but the most dangerous one with respect to malaria is plasmodium falciparum.


Malaria has become so common and so dangerous that every year, about 3.2 billion people poses a risk of having malaria. This much risk of malaria leads to about 198 million severe cases of malaria and about 584000 deaths have been reported.


With the advancement in medical sciences and increase in awareness among people, the increased rate of malaria prevention techniques and other necessary control measures have helped a lot in reducing the risk of malaria.


Some of the common symptoms of malaria includes headache, chills, high fever and in some cases flu-like symptoms as well. The disease is so dangerous that if it is not treated properly, the symptoms may lead to serious consequences or it can even lead to death of the person.


The pregnant women must be very careful with malaria, because pregnant women are vulnerable to this disease to extreme. If malaria happens to any women during pregnancy, it affects the infant directly and the result is low birth weight. This risk is very dangerous that can lead to a difficult survival of the baby.


No doubt that malaria is a very deadly disease but the interesting thing about this disease is that it not at all contagious. That means it cannot spread through malaria infected person in any case.


One of the best ways through which malaria can be prevented is to use insecticidal nets which are very useful and long lasting. They are very useful in preventing the mosquito bites, especially for the pregnant women and children as they require extra care in order to avoid any serious consequences in the future.


Countries with poor economy and weak infrastructure are deeply affected because of malaria. This is because these countries cannot afford much to spend money on health care or for the prevention of particular disease. These countries cannot even afford to run some special campaigns in order to create awareness among the people regarding the disease.


Travelers who come from the region where there is no risk of malaria are found to be very sensitive and they have no immunity. But by consulting a physician, the risk of having malaria can be completely eliminated.

FACT 10:

Many statistical reports have shown that about 207 million cases of malaria that were reported are clinical. Out of which, 627000 cases of malaria were found to be fatal.

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