Facts About Cheese

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Cheese is one of the world’s most favorite food items.  There are thousands of cheese varieties that are loved by people ever since the ancient times.  In terms of history, there is no definite date on when the first cheese or milk-based was made but many records indicate that as early as 6000 BC, cheese was sourced from cow and goat’s milk in the region of Mesopotamia.  The following are some fun facts related to cheese:

Fact 1:  Mozzarella cheese is the most favorite cheese variety in the world.  Many people know about this cheese from pizza which is a well-loved food item in various countries.  When baked and used in pizzas, Mozzarella cheese provides the sticky and gooey texture that pizza-lovers love and crave. For some pizza fans, pizza wouldn’t taste so good without Mozzarella cheese.

Fact 2:  Macaroni and cheese is the most popular cheese-based dish in the world.  This simple dish is loved by kids and adults across the globe. Some enjoy macaroni and cheese as a snack while others eat the dish for breakfast.

Fact 3:  The people of Greece are the largest consumers of cheese in the whole world.  On average, each Greek consumes up to 27 kilograms of cheese and related products for every given year.

Fact 4:  The first cheese factory was built in Switzerland.  It was in 1815 when the first factory-produced cheese was produced.

Fact 5:  Pizza Hut, the largest pizza restaurant in the world, is known to be the biggest known store or business that uses cheese for its products.  With pizza as its main offering, Pizza Hut uses 300 million pounds of cheese annually for all its pizza and other products.

Fact 6:  Cheese is also so well-loved in the US that they have a whole week to celebrate it. The National cheese Week is celebrated by cheese-loving Americans in the summer, specifically on the last week of June.

Fact 7:  Cheese production involves a 10 to 1 ratio with milk. This simply means that for every 10 pounds of milk, only 1 pound of cheese is produced. This basic ratio simply implies that more and more animals like cows and goats are needed to produce the cheese cravings of the world which are said to be steadily growing.

Fact 8:  Cheese has anti-bacterial properties.  It may be a food item but it actually protects the tooth enamel from easy erosion.  Most food items, especially sugar-based options like pastries and breads are known to easily erode the protective covering of teeth.  When cheese is eaten, its contents will basically provide an anti-bacterial shield to the tooth enamel for extra protection.

Fact 9:  The US is the biggest cheese producer in the world.  This country is able to produce up to 9 billion pounds of this milk-based food item on a yearly basis.

Fact 10:  Mass production of cheese started in the US.  The famous “cheese” brand Kraft Foods was responsible for producing cheese for the many customers of America and the rest of the world back in 1915.

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