What is Worship?

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What is Worship?
Worship is commonly used in the religious and divine sense, pertaining to the act of devotion accorded to the supernatural. The word worship is taken from the original old English word ‘worthscipe’ which means worthiness. Worship can also apply to the heightened sense of reverence given to a thing or person, such as in a romantic partner, or in the admiration of natural beauty.
To worship in the religious sense oftentimes involve a ritual, such as hearing mass in churches for Catholics, reciting daily prayers for Muslims, or to give offerings in temples for Hindus. Pilgrimages and sacrifices also qualify as forms of worship. In a nutshell, worship is about veneration, and the expression of this veneration.
Worship can be done by oneself, such as in prayer or through personal offerings to deities. It can also be done as a group, as in when Christian evangelists gather together and fanatically proclaim their love for God through songs and other rituals.
Some cultures such as in many parts of Asia, worship their ancestors. They believe that the dead can make intercessions for the living with the gods, and therefore ritual worship is called for in order for them to grant these favors to the living. Some cultures worship animal spirits, such as the Native Americans. Some religion worship nature, such as animism and Wicca, and they believe that everything around the universe has a ‘soul’, and should therefore be revered.

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