What is QQing?

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What is QQing?

QQing, in its original sense, is a Warcraft II slang, where the hotkeys alt+QQ can be pressed if a player wants to immediately exit a program and a match. The slang is used to tell other players to ‘just quit’, most of the time because a player is unskilled, or the opponent is much more skilled than them.
In gamer lingo, QQ has evolved to illustrate crying eyes. QQ as in eyes that have tears streaming down from them. So if a gamer says ‘stop QQing’, it means ‘stop whining (crying)’.
QQing can also mean the action of using Tencent QQ, the most popular instant messaging service in mainland China. QQ is one of the highest rated in terms of internet traffic, according to Alexa.com. Aside from chat, QQ also offers services like games, virtual pets, internet downloads and more.
Currently, members of Tencent QQ exceeds 100 million, hence the popularity of QQing. Because of its mass appeal, QQ has branched out of the internet and has expanded into retail marketing, with its own Q-Gen stores around China selling items such as clothing, bags, watches and other accessories.

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