What is MTK platform?

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MTK platform refers to the mobile chipset or platform developed by MediaTek Inc. of Taiwan. Originally famous for being a fabless semiconductor-based company, MediaTek has increasingly become popular in the wireless phone industry with its so-called MTK platform. This mobile platform basically works more like a true personal computer because it is able to integrate the mobile device’s main CPU or central processing unit with its graphics or video card and the corresponding wireless chip. All these components are rolled into one MTK mobile platform to produce feature enhancements in the multimedia environment, wireless connectivity, and overall phone performance and battery life. MTK chipsets are also considered to be great for mobile phone manufacturers because of possible lower upgrading costs and industry-leading boost in performance.

Phones that are equipped with dual-core processing power have become quite the norm in the smartphone arena. Under the MTK chipset or mobile platform, the company boasts of even better performance with the integration of the phone’s processing power with the graphics component and the wireless communication chip. Browsing is said to be made very easy and fast with application loading boosted substantially in terms of graphics display and image processing.

The MTK mobile platform is said to work best for people who prefer multi-tasking in their phones. Those that need to open several applications all at once can barely notice that their mobile phones are working so hard because of the advanced technology involved in the mobile platform or chipset. Some people even compare the latest in MTK platform-equipped smartphones as better than the newest offerings on the current Android and iOS environments. By late 2013, Mediatek is able to release its latest version of the MTK mobile platform with the industry’s first ever 8-core chipset. 8 processing powerhouses that are capable of 2GHz computing speeds is one great future for the growing MTK mobile platform.

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