What is JIT Android?

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What is JIT Android?
JIT stands for “Just In Time” compiler, a software component created to boost software performance, making it run more quickly and smoothly. ANDROID on the other hand refers to an open system or platform for use in all kinds of mobile devices. JIT ANDROID simply means an Android system boosted by JIT technology.

The development of the Android system was led by major industry players like Google Inc., Motorola, Intel, T-Mobile, HTC, and Qualcomm among others. The goal was to develop an open platform for mobile devices for developers to work and collaborate on, which will then lead to more innovation, faster development, and cheaper delivery of products to the end-user. The Android platform includes the operating system component, some middleware programs, and various applications with user-friendly interface. JIT meanwhile is developed by the Dalvik Team to take application codes from the Android platform, analyze and translate them to make it run faster. JIT does all of these performance boosters taking up memory that is barely noticeable to the users and while a particular application is running. And according to the developers, the JIT in Android devices will result to faster applications up to 3x more, bolder and richer graphics in game apps, and even improved battery life.

In the case of Google, their engineers have also worked on their Dalvik JIT compiler for their Android phones. And experts say that they are getting close to come up with a stable version of the compiling system. Myriad is also coordinating with mobile phone carriers and manufacturers to put their software into Android devices. Nexus phones upgraded to the Android 2.2 version software will also feature JIT-boosted performance. Developments are ongoing for all Android devices to take advantage of the JIT compiling system, not only because it boosts performance, but also because it is easily adoptable into mobile platforms.

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