What is MNET?

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What is MNET?
MNET is a computer program that allows for sharing virtual space to put and get files from. It is an open-source distributed file store said to be run by volunteer hackers. MNET would also like to be called an emergent network, which means that its features are a result of interactions of people and organizations that do not require themselves to coordinate their efforts.

MNET is created from MojoNation’s source code. It is a freeware which allows for file-sharing applications, in which you don’t have to worry about file names. It has a single global namespace which will prevent file naming conflicts. MNET can be used for uploading and downloading any type of file. Files uploaded to MNET can be retrieved even if the source of that particular file is not connected to the internet. This setup is very ideal for people who want to share files anytime. If a file is already uploaded to MNET, anybody can have access to it anytime and anywhere.

MNET is similar to Freenet and were both created somewhat simultaneously but independently. The big difference lies in the privacy setup for Freenet, wherein it is difficult for operators to know what the other Freenet nodes are doing while online. MNET meanwhile doesn’t have this kind of privacy. Though files uploaded and/or downloaded are still encrypted, IP addresses are not hidden so one would know what files you’re downloading and where you’re downloading them from. But MNET is currently experimenting on a privacy setup called “One-hop privacy” which allows communication only through a “trusted” node. This will settle the privacy issues for some but this setup is said to minimize uploading and/or downloading speeds.

MNET, being formed by volunteer hackers, doesn’t have an official corporate sponsor for its projects. Development is continued though as the group behind it is willing to collaborate with other developers and cooperate with other open source projects.

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