What is GLS?

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What is GLS?
GLS is another internet slang or catch-phrase that stands for “gay little smirk”. It is used by many young people all over the world who are fond of sending text messages on their mobile phones. Some people also use the slang term “GLS” while chatting with other friends on various internet sites, particularly those that involve socializing applications and features. The use of “GLS” as a term or expression is considered an alternative to “LOL” which means “laugh out loud” or “laughing out loud”. When chatting with somebody on the internet or when exchanging text messages with a friend who delivers a funny joke or comment, one could reply with either “LOL” or “GLS”. Of course, it depends on the joke and on the receiver’s mood whether he/she will reply with a “loud laughter” using “LOL” or just a smirk with “GLS”.

A smirk is defined as some form of a smile that satisfies oneself and may be considered offensive to others. And with a little reference to the gay community, GLS has become quite a popular text or chat response when one wants to imply just a self-satisfying smile or smirk. The use of internet slang terms such as “LOL” is not new anymore and so some people tend to coin and invent new terms and phrases that could be used in the texting and chatting world. Besides the practicality of being able to shorten words and phrases to type, these urban lingos have evolved to become the “in” or the “cool” thing among today’s youth. The use of these urban slang phrases have become so popular that young people get to create new terms and words regularly. More and more terms are coined in chatrooms and in text exchanges everyday and being able to understand them make some many people proud and “updated” with what’s popular.

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