What is Celebrex used for?

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What is Celebrex used for?
Celebrex is a trade or brand name for a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug typically used for the treatment of pain in a variety of medical conditions. It is manufactured by the drug company Pfizer with the generic name “Celecoxib” and is available in capsule form. It is a prescription-only type of drug which simply means that one needs a doctor’s prescription before he/she is allowed to buy the drug from pharmacies and drug stores.

Celebrex works to suppress the hormones that cause inflammation and pain in the body. This drug is commonly prescribed for the pain and inflammation experienced by patients who have arthritis. Osteoarthritis is one type of arthritis wherein Celebrex may help in reducing pain and inflammation. Osteoarthritis or OA involves degenerative changes on the joints of the body causing pain and swelling. Rheumatoid arthritis or RA meanwhile is a systemic form of arthritis which typically affects the synovial joints. In both types of arthritis, Celebrex works to reduce pain and stop the inflammatory processes involved.

But aside from arthritic conditions, Celebrex may also be prescribed for women who experience pain at any part of the menstrual cycle. Some women complain of discomfort at the start of a menstruation while others have pain in the mid or latter parts of the cycle. Celebrex is also prescribed by doctors for those who have polyps in the colon or rectum.

But since Celebrex is a prescription-only drug, care must be taken to strictly follow doctor’s orders in terms of dosage and duration of treatment. Dosage varies from patient to patient depending on the medical condition and its severity. This drug may also have interactions with other NSAIDs and aspirin, so it is best to coordinate regularly with doctors with regards to the drug’s effect and side-effects. Some serious side effects of this drug include ulcerations in the stomach and/or intestines which may lead to internal bleeding.

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