What is GLD system?

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GLD stands for Gold London Delivery and it refers to a system or standard in terms of classifying gold bars or bullions into its specific size, weight, and corresponding identification details such as its registry or serial numbers. The GLD system also includes several records of the gold bullion particularly the characteristic stamp or hallmark given by the gold refinery it came from. The year the bullion was manufactured and refined along with its purity grade are also part of the standard set by the GLD system. All these details are recorded as part of the accepted GLD system in the field of gold trade and investments.

In the sales of gold bullions across the world, GLD system is accepted as a great system for those who are called “insiders” in the field of world gold sales and investments. The UK through its LBMA or the London Bullion Members Association is a respected organization in the industry and is known to be a leader in the world gold market. Many gold refineries around the world seek membership with the LBMA because of its high standards in identifying real precious gold and world-class gold investment systems like the GLD system.

In the industry of gold sales and investment, the GLD standard is considered very important to know which bullions are really worth investing for. The general gold sales market may not have the actual sophistication and detail of getting the best and the most pure gold bullions available but for many insiders of the trade, it is only through the GLD system that true investment can be done. Gold is considered similar when it comes to the general market but through the GLD system, all details of the bullion including the refiner stamp and impurities create the standard for bullion exchange in the insider market. Through the GLD system, investments on gold or purchases related to it are made with more sophistication with potentially greater values because of the strict exchange standard.

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