What is DIGG?

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What is DIGG?

DIGG is a website that features news and social content, all of which are shared or submitted by its loyal users.  And since the website is focused on the users, content can be shared with other members.  To date, DIGG.com is among the Top 250 sites in the internet.  It registers 33 million visits per month, has 24 million account holders or members, and 5 million of which are logging in every single day.

Everything on DIGG is submitted by users.  Content may be a favorite webpage you want to share, news-worthy information, and just about any topic.  The point of the matter is that other members will see whatever you contributed on the site.  They also have an option to view and like your contribution, much like “digging” it.  If your submission gets a lot of “diggs”, that means it’s getting popular and many people click and view them.  Popular “diggs” are then featured on DIGG.com’s homepage, which generates even more traffic to your site or post.

There are various categories and subcategories on the DIGG website.  Major topics are for World and Business, Science, Technology, Gaming, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports, and Offbeat news.  Each of these categories has their own “homepage”.  If your submission receives a high number of votes called ‘diggs’, it may be featured in one of these categories.

DIGG was launched back in 2004 and was created by Kevin Rose, Ron Gorodetzky, Owen Byrne, and Jay Adelson.  Inspiration for the site came from another site called “Slashdot”, wherein users submit news stories.  Kevin Rose wondered at the time that it would be better if users were able to vote for their favorite news stories, and feature these popular stories on the home page.  DIGG.com has grown big since then and is already considered a mainstream site due to its rapid growth.

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