What Is Zumba?

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What Is Zumba?

Zumba is a Latin-inspired fitness program that involves aerobic dancing and other cardiovascular exercises.  The word “zumba” has its roots in Colombia and it means “to move fast and have fun”, which is exactly what the fitness program is all about.  Exercise is done with upbeat Latin music to create a fun and party atmosphere.

Zumba was created in the 1990s by Alberto “Beto” Perez.  The whole concept back then was to let the music move your body instead of doing repetitions and counting based on the music.  It became an instant hit to his aerobics class back then, and some 20 years later, more than 10 million people have enjoyed the dance exercises.

Various dance styles are incorporated in every Zumba class, which typically lasts for an hour or so.  Flamenco, Rumba, Mambo, Merengue, and Salsa are just a few examples of dances that are mixed with endurance and strength training exercises.  Modern and international pop hits are also popular in some classes.

From a basic aerobics class, Zumba has evolved into many different styles and classes.  Zumba Gold classes cater to older but still active individuals, and so steps are modified to suit the needs of this baby-boomer group.  For those who want more muscle tone, Zumba Toning is the choice for them.  This class combines cardio workout with strength training and body sculpting exercises.  There are also Zumba classes done in the pool and these sessions are called Zumba Aqua.   Programs especially designed for kids are called Zumba Tonic.  And for fitness enthusiasts, Zumba Circuit combines dance moves with circuit training for optimum benefits.

Many have already enjoyed the benefits of zumba.  Some join and stick to the exercise classes because of the fun and party atmosphere, while some appreciate the various health benefits like improved fitness, toned muscles, and reduced fat.

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