What is Die Cutting?

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What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting is a process commonly used in the paper and plastic industry to create different shapes out of several sheets.  The purpose of which is for mass production.  Machines are made to cut through sheets of paper or plastic and form various shapes and sizes, and in large quantities.

In the paper manufacturing industry, everyday items such as boxes, posters, envelopes, stickers, posters, typewriting papers, and notebooks need to be produced in large quantities to support demand for these items.  And so die cutting machines became a necessity for companies.  Other than mass production, the process of die cutting is also employed to limit supply wastage.  So careful planning is done before the actual cutting process to maximize the shape designs onto the sheets.  Large machines that look similar to printing machines are specifically designed to produce many cuts of a single design.  But there are also hand-die cutters for smaller batch requirements.  Craft-making and scrap booking are popular hobbies that use die cut materials of various shapes and sizes to suit personal tastes.

As for plastics, the die cutting process is similar to cookie cutting.  It also involves sheets of plastic being cut through by sharp knives to create specific shapes.  Plastic die cutting may also be called as blanking or dinking.  There are many types of the die cutting processes using plastic, but the most popular is called “flatbed die-cutting”.  In this process, shapes are formed using steel rule dies which are adjusted to varying amounts of hydraulic press.  Another type is “rotary die cutting” which involves unwinding of the material before putting it through a hydraulic press.  This type allows for the creation of the same part repeatedly.

Die cutting as a process is also used in the manufacture of other basic items like rubber shoes, clothes, kitchen utensils, and car parts.  Since large quantities are required for these everyday items to keep up with demand, machines were designed to specifically serve this purpose.

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