What is CNOR?

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CNOR is a national certification for peri-operative nurses.  In order to get such certification, nurses must be able to pass the corresponding exam.  As a certification, CNOR basically compliments a nurses’ credentials in terms of his/her knowledge and skills in the peri-operative field.  CNOR certified nurses are often referred to as highest quality service-providers for patients that need an operation or surgery.

Getting CNOR certification is a goal for many registered nurses as it provides proof and credibility of their knowledge and skills.  CNOR certification also provides recognition which could be helpful in terms of career growth and advancement.  Various hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world acknowledge the CNOR certification and recognize the fact that CNOR-certified nurses are the best in the peri-operative or surgical field.  In simple terms, nurses that are CNOR certified are able to provide the best possible care to patients prior, during, and after a surgical procedure.

For nurses who wish to get the CNOR certification, various requirements must be met as set by the CCI or the Competency and Credentialing Institute. The basic requirement is that one must be a registered nurse in order to be eligible to take the certification exam.  In terms of professional experience, at least 2 years or 2400 hours of actual OR duty is required before one can take the CNOR certification exam.  Once the exam is passed, a registered may retain his/her CNOR certification for a total of five years.

Despite the extensive experience in the surgical nursing field, a registered nurse may also need to review and prepare for the CNOR certification exam.  The CCI itself provides assistance in terms of test preparation tips and materials to help with the necessary subjects and concerns in the pre-operative field.  There are also various personnel from the CCI who can serve as guidance counsellors to help out with concerns of new or experienced registered nurses who wish to be CNOR-certified.

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