Facts about Oklahoma City

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The largest city in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma city is one of the oldest existing city in the state which is recognized on the basis of the number of tornadoes in the city as well as the state. Some interesting historical trivia along with a few new facts and statistics are presented here which would help to re-picture Oklahoma in your minds.

Fact 1:

A few people only know the meaning of the word ‘œOklahoma’. It means the land of ‘œRed People’ in Choctaw wording (Knapp, n.d).

Fact 2:

Oklahoma is the only state that has the largest number of manmade lakes than any other state in the country (Knapp, n.d).

Fact 3:

The Oklahoma City is the house of invention to the world’s first ever shopping cart. It was invented here and used in the markets in 1937 (Knapp, n.d).

Fact 4:

The world’s very first parking meter was installed in the Oklahoma City in July 1935 (O.C, n.d).

Fact 5:

Oklahoma is the only city in the state that has an average of 300 total days of sunshine each year (O.C, n.d).

Fact 6:

Out of all the U.S states, Oklahoma is the only state that has the maximum number of tornadoes per square mile (O.L, 2012).

Fact 7:

In the Oklahoma City, it is considered to be a crime to take a bite out of other person’s hamburger (O.L, 2012)!

Fact 8:

In Oklahoma, the state laws are so pressing that a woman cannot do her own hair without having a permit from the state (O.L, 2012)!

Fact 9:

The Oklahoma City Capitol is the only capitol in the entire of the United State that has a working oil well underneath its ground (T.F.A, 2013).

Fact 10:

In Oklahoma, having sex before marriage is considered a crime and is subjected to strict punishment (O.L, 2012)!

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