What Is Biased Writing?

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What Is Biased Writing?
Basically, when we hear of biased writing, we immediately think of something that is a product of manipulation. It refers to a write up that has been changed or altered in order to favor one side against the other. Though this is partly true, this does not apply all the times. There are even some instances in which we can consider one as biased write up, but it does not work that way.

Say for instance you are only looking at one perspective of the story since it is your focus; it is still unbiased as long as you are presenting the truth over the matter. It will only be bias in the real sense of the word, if you have manufactured the details in order to support the side that you believe. Being bias is also a way of getting the people’s emotions and allowing them to enter delve into what you would like to tell them.

Being bias can also be applicable for some other situations, especially in write ups that do not involve facts or real life stories. This is where you can get the chance to inject depth into what you are writing.

However, at the end of the day, being a biased writer is not really encouraged. This is true especially in journalism. Here, you must present facts as they really are. People these days are so keen about details and the moment you present something which is not true, you will then be subject for libel. More than that, factual reporting is also a key to get the trust of the people. If before, people will only stick to what is controversial, right now, they would want more to get the real side of the story. Yes, biased writing can work in some instances and must not be taken out of the right context.

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