What Is EOM?

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What Is EOM?
The term EOM is actually internet slang and can mean different things. Basically, EOM stands for End of Message. In writing emails, this means a lot since it signifies that right after that part, the rest is no longer important. Say for instance there are attachments that come along the message, they have to be disregarded. This is why the term EOM has to be placed there. Even in office transactions and other business related activities, EOM has already been used.

In chat rooms and forum, EOM is also used. This is a term used to imply that the message is so perfect that there can be no response that would be better than that. If not, it can also mean that the poster is no longer interested of hearing out anything from other members of the forum since he has finally placed his case to rest.

In writing or sending letters, EOM is also used. This implies that there is no need to reply to the sender since it is a letter than cannot be replied upon. The receiver simply has to keep the message and deal with it.
For informal conversations or even debates, EOM is also used. This means that the person is already annoyed and is no longer interested in getting further details from another person. When EOM is said, it means that the next words that would come out from the opponent will no longer be entertained.

In short, EOM literally means to stop. After reading or hearing the conversation and the EOM slang is dropped, everything has to come to an end. Yet, there are those who are not really familiar of the term. Thus, they misinterpret it or are totally clueless about its meaning. The next time you will see EOM, you know that you have to shut it up!

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