Things to Do In Nakhon Pathom

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Only an hour’s drive away from Bankok, one can easily hire a taxi to Nakhon Pathom. There’s a lot to see and do here. For starters, it is the province with the world’s largest Buddhist Chedi, which is first mentioned in 675AD, and thus believed to be one of the historical Buddhist sites in Asia.

Nakhon Pathom offers an actual angle of Thai life and culture.

Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo- This is a must-visit. It offers stunning elephant and crocodile shows. You get to see the elephants and tigers up close, it’s allowed to touch, ride the elephants and dance with monkeys if you wish.

The shows are quite entertaining, guys wrestling crocodiles without getting eaten. There are huge catfish to see here and you are allowed to feed them.

 Market- you can walk through the market and sample or just see the different types of fruit. In the evenings there are Thai food hawkers on either part of the street. Here you will taste and smell Thai culture and go on boat cruises and see the river gardens. Visit Don Wai and Pattaya Floating Market.

Museum- Thai technology and culture is especially displayed in the museums. In the Jesada Technik Museum, you will see a collection of trucks, retro bubble cars, old military helicopters, motorbikes and more.

The Thai Human Imagery Museum is a whole different experience. Here you will see numerous beautifully done wax and glass figures of past kings and royalties of Thailand and famous monks. Here you will see vast history including slavery in Thailand.

Next to the Phra Pathom Chedi is the Phra Pathom Museum. Inside you will find antiques mostly from the Dvaravati culture, religion and beliefs mostly related to Buddhism expressed through art, Buddha images, stone carvings and models of Pra Pathom Chedi and present day Nakhon Pathom town.

Piyachanok Thai Wisdom Learning Centre build in the middle of a fruit garden is pleasant, relaxing, educative and experience-filled. Here you will taste the aromatic candle-baked coffee, eat food made from local vegetables, purchase scented products and have an educational tour.

Parks- The most beautiful place in this province is The Rose Garden. Don’t be surprised if you end up spending the whole day here admiring the gardens full of roses and other flowers, watching the animal shows, taking elephant rides and shopping.

Also you can watch the Thai cultural show and learn everything about Thai culture.

When hungry, there are plenty of restaurants around serving an all-you-can-eat buffet.

If you love to play golf make sure you visit the Rose Garden Golf Club. Voted among the best twenty resort courses in the world by an international magazine, it’s very well maintained with mature trees and thick vegetation not to mention the flowers and water around the course.

A newly built water park, The Jurassic Water Park is a dinosaur-themed water park that is fun and inexpensive. It offers water play equipment, inflatable slides, obstacle courses among others. It’s perfect for a family fun day.

Religious Landmarks- Inside the Sanam Chan Palace are houses and royal artifacts. Here you can walk through and tour the royal residences. It was one of the favourite residences of King Rama the VI.

The Phra Pathom Chedi meaning the ‘First Stupa’ is the world’s tallest stupa. This is where Buddhism was first introduced to Thailand two thousand years ago. It has incredible architecture and the history is vast and intriguing. Most people pay respect in the alters in two small caves that each shelter several Buddha statues.

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