Benefits Of Oral Contraceptive Pills

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According to a recent study, the total population of Mother Earth is estimated to be around 6 Billion. The number of people living on planet Earth right now exceeds the number of Humans who had ever lived on Earth since its formation. If the rate of increase continues with this pace, the projected population of Earth would be around 8 Billion by the year 2025.This population blast is affecting Natural resources, Environment, living standard and health in a negative way. For controlling this pace of population increase, concept of contraception came into existence nearby last century.

Contraception includes all the methods temporarily or permanently used which are designed to prevent pregnancy due to Intercourse. An ideal contraception must be easy to use, safe, effective and reversible. There are so many contraception used now a day like Intra Uterine Contraceptive devices, creams, jelly and Oral Contraception. Oral Contraceptive Pills is one of the most populous contraception methods which are being used today, worldwide. These Contraceptive pills are steroid contraceptives and most effective reversible method of contraception. That is the reason, in Countries where population explosion is at its peak, Government distributes these pills in Hospitals, free of cost, for Birth control.

Birth Control Pills are generally combined steroid pills. In these pills, the progestins are either levonorgestrel or norethisterone or desogestral and the estrogens are ethinyl-oestradiol or menstranol.Currently,lipid friendly or thirdgeneration contraceptives are in use. The most loved characters of oral contraception are they are very easy to use, taken orally regularly, safe, and do not affect Intercourse mechanism. These pills work by either inhibiting ovulation, making endometrial non-receptive to embryo or by preventing sperm penetration by making cervical mucus thick, viscid and scanty. These contraceptives have an overall benefit on women body. Let’s have a look on what these mini pills can do.

Effective And Safe

Mini pills are to be taken orally. If taken without mistake, their effectiveness is estimated to be around 99.9%.The failure rate of these pills is generally very low as much as 0.1%.The pills work by inhibiting ovulation so that it becomes impossible to conceive after sexual intercourse. Hence they provide protection against unwanted pregnancy.These pills do not affect intercourse mechanism.Hence,regular intercourse is not affected by them.

Effective In Regulating Menstrual Cycle

Birth control pills not only control pregnancy but have an overall benefit on women health. These pills can regulate the menstrual cycle in an effective manner. Menstrual period takes place when the uterus sheds its lining. The process is controlled by hormones progesterone and estrogen. During the first half of cycle, estrogen is produced to prepare uterine lining for pregnancy. During the next half, after ovulation, progesterone is released for stopping the lining to grow and prepares it for implantation of embryo. In case the pregnancy does not takes place, these hormones level falls which leads to shedding of uterine wall. Birth control pills contain hormone progesterone like-medication .it can help in controlling overall periods. These pills actually regulate the level and secretion of these hormones which results in regularity of periods.

Regulates Menorrhagia

Menorrhagia is the common problem faced by women Worldwide. It can be defined as the heavy or excess bleeding during periods. It can lead to the problem of anemia or malnutrition too. As we know, Birth control pills contain hormone like progesterone. This progesterone makes the lining of uterus thinner and prevents heavy bleeding in women durin periods. Thus menorrhagia can be cured by using Birth Control Pills.

Controls Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is another major problem which affects women during periods.Dysmenorrhea can be defined as pain experienced during menstrual period. Uterus produces a chemical prostaglandin during periods, which causes uterus contraction. When the level of prostaglandin is normal, a little discomfort is experienced by women. But when the level of prostaglandin produced is high, much severe contractions takes place leading to painful conditions. Birth control pills prevents ovulation which in turn reduces the amount of prostaglandin produced.Hence,pills are also effective against dysmenorrheal.

Effective Against Pre- Menstrual Syndrome

Pre menstrual syndrome includes a wide variety of symptoms like mood swings, tenderness, depression, body pain and irritability.1 out of every 4 women experience pre menstrual syndrome, according to a study done. These symptoms affect women physically and emotionally too disturbing their day to day life. Changes in Hormones level during menstrual cycle is the major reason behind pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS.It is believed that pills prevent symptoms of PMS by preventing ovulation and regulating the levels of hormones.

Prevention From Acne,Pimples And Excessive Hair Growth

Not only these, but Birth Control Pills can also prevent female from acne, pimples and from excessive hair growth in body.Generally,a small amount of male hormone named androgen is produced by ovary every month. When the level of hormone androgen produced by ovary exceeds the normal limit, hair growth start between lips, chins, belly button and in overall body. If the level of androgen is not controlled, other symptoms like small breast size, muscularity and lowering of pitch of voice may also takes place, leading the loss of feminine characters and symptoms. Birth control pills are proved effective in reducing level of male-hormone androgens by ovary. When the level of androgens falls in blood stream,facial hair growth is reduced significantly. These pills also prevents from acne, pimples and male like tough skin.

Prevention From Cancer

The Birth Control Pills are found effective in preventing from many types of cancer in female body. Two main types of cancer which may be prevented by these pills are Ovarian Cancer and Uterus Cancer primarily. Birth Control pills decreases the number of ovulations, frequency of period and amount of blood loss during menstrual cycle. They work by regulating hormone level in females providing a shield against these two types of Cancers.

Other Benefits

Apart from all these benefits, these magic pills have some other positive sides too. Like prevention from Endometriosis. It is the growth of lining of uterus outside the uterine wall. The hormone progesterone contained in pills, controls the growth of lining of uterine wall preventing Endometriosis. Women consuming pills are found least prone to iron deficiency anemia and other complications. These pills have a positive effect over Ectopic pregnancy and Pelvic Inflammatory diseases.Although,these pills have some side effects like nausea and vomiting which can be reduced by Medical advice ant treatment.Hence,if some one is planning to delay pregnancy and needs an overall health benefit, these pills should be considered first.

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