Things to Do in Alaminos, Philippines

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Alaminos City is one of the top tourist destinations in Northern Philippines. Home to the Asia famous Hundred Islands National Park, the City is a 5-hour drive from the Airport of Ninoy Aquino in Manila, and a 3-hour journey from Clark International Airport, in Pampanga.

It is without a doubt that being in the Philippines is fun. Visitors and more especially first timers to this South-Asian country, however, may find it difficult it is to choose of which of the 7,107 islands to commence their visit. For those wishing to cover 100 or so islands almost at once, Alaminos has always been the best starting point. In this capital, there are lots of things that await you, not to mention a collection of island amenities that will make your holiday enjoyable with memories that last a lifetime.
Hundred Island National Park

My first recommendation is exploring the Hundred Island National Park. The park covers acreage of approximately 1844 hectares. Popularly known for its scenic beaches and plentiful, diverse and unique flora and fauna, this recreational area draws over 160,000 visitors annually. It has 123 islands at high tide and 124 at low tide, and they are believed to be over 2,000,000,000 years old. Every islet is different from the other offering hundreds of wonder possibilities and new excitements. A marvelous aquatic community of fish, corals, giant clams and others water creatures make the underworld a thrilling vista especially for those who enjoy below surface sports. Truly this is a wonder destination with many myths of its evolution. Anyone who takes the challenge of exploring these alluring secrets of Hundred Island, they are ever fascinated by this magical place.

Explore the caves

You will find plenty of caves in the sun-drenched islands of the Alaminos. Of the many, only 10 have been explored. In you adventure in these caves, you will come across many captivating sceneries. For example, Quirino cave features dripstones and indigenous bats while the Nalsoc cave is full of stalactites and draperies. In both the Cathedral and the St. Paul’s Subterranean Caves, travelers are greeted by sights of undisturbed rock formations. And in an endeavor to have the attractions in these caves remain virgin, the tour guide will always remind his companions of the cardinal rule; look, but do not touch.

At Governor’s Island, there is also a tiny cave that the adventurers explore. Besides, many take a boating ride to the Marcos Island, named after President Ferdinand Marcos, for an uphill task. Here you will be challenged to do a 70-foot drop jump of and then swim you way into an underwater cavern named “Imelda”. Many enjoy the adrenaline-producing dare that has always pushed them beyond their limits.
The beaches

Alaminos beaches will make an excellent addition to your holiday since they offer an amazing enthrallment to both locals and foreigners alike. Bolo Beach is one choice you can settle on unleashing your energy while indulging in the water sports. Besides, you might likewise opt to drop to the close-by Shell beach, and have the mystery Lagoon independent of anyone else. If you are not in the inclination to make a go at sailing, there is an option for sunbathing or walking bare feet on the white sandy beaches as you breath-take on the beautiful oceanic panorama.
Also while in Alaminos;

  • Check out the Camantiles Island Eco-Trail Park and explore it is widely varied vegetation. It is the main Island easily reached by hiking.
  • Buy a Shell made at the Lucap Wharf. These expertly created keepsakes discuss the masterfulness and tolerance of the Alaminos shell make producers.
  • Discover the joy of bat watching and fish feeding
  • At the 404-year old St-Josephs-cathedral, do not miss your opportunity to offer a petition
  • Relax at People’s parkandtastethepopular Alaminos Longganisa “Kakanin”, seafoodandotherdelicacies
  • Return home with a memory of a fulfilled vacation

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