Things to Do in Isabela, Puerto Rico

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Lying in one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the world, west of Quebradillas and north of San Sebastian in the northwestern part of Puerto Rico, is the town of Isabela. It was founded in 1989 and designated “Isabela” in honor of the Spanish Queen Isabel. As a convenient hideaway for many Americans, the island of Puerto Rico allures with many holiday delights, living up to its label—the “Island of Enchantment.” It is Isabela, however, that presents so much for a sightseer visiting the islet, making it a “must-visit” locale. With lots to see and do there, a few highlights could help a first-time traveler who might be oblivious to the charms of this stunning coastal town. Such visitors could end up not knowing the best attractions and vacation enchantments that the city offers. Here are a few highlights for your indulgence once you are in Isabela.

The Beaches

Like Hawaii of the U.S., Isabela has numerous beaches that form the biggest attractions to the town. Visitors get to enjoy a variety of beach games. On the entire island of Puerto Rico, Isabela stands out as the second most popular for surfing. The town’s distinct beaches offer different places for different tastes in water sports, with Jobos Beach being famous as the best beach for surfing and sunbathing. Although strong currents hinder swimming, the beach has shallow spots perfect for diving. Shore Island Beach is also suitable for aquatic bodyboarding and surfing sports. With a shore more than a mile long, Montones Beach has a natural saltwater pool well suited for children. To the right of Montones is the Pocita de las Golondrinas, which is also a natural brine pool. Due to its shallow waters and zero entries to the open sea, Pocita is also safe for families with children.

If you love diving and snorkeling activities, the Blue Hole Beach is the right place to visit. The beach has a reef that covers approximately 300 meters. To the lovers of aquatic life, at Blue Hole you will encounter an array of corals, fish, and many other varieties of marine life.

The presence of pristine reefs and underwater caves makes Shacks Beach ideal for scuba diving. With a fascinating reef cavern, reef diving on this beach is unique, and it stimulates exciting sensations uncommon in the sport. The Playa Punta, Playa Sardinera, Playa/Pozo Teodoro, and other beaches provide the best sites for swimmers.

Common in many of Isabela’s beaches is horseback riding along the shores. Breathtaking sceneries coupled with affordable rates and wonderful, knowledgeable trainers make the experience worth your time.


There is more than enough in Isabela upon which to feast your eyes. For example, Palacete Los Moreau, a 19th-century exquisitely furnished French hacienda with lush grounds is a pleasant place to stroll. Enrique Laguerre, one of Puerto Rico’s prolific writers, is known to frequent the place. Hermitage of San Antonio is another great place to room. Explore also the Guajataca Tunnel, a masterpiece railroad tunnel that connects Isabela to Quebradillas.

A visit to Isabela is almost incomplete without the Guajataca State Forest adventure. Typified by sinkholes and haystack-shaped hills, it offers a glimpse of Puerto Rico’s strange scenery. Twenty-five miles of 40 different trails provide hikers and trekkers a holiday engagement they can take pride in when they journey back home. Besides, the Guajataca Lake with a three-mile-long water mass is a magnet that gives fishing enthusiasts a memorable fish-catching vacation experience.

Things to Remember

  • Car rental in Isabela will help you enjoy nearby beach-town
  • Beaches are overcrowded on weekends and in summer when they sponsor beach festivals.
  • Beachfronts have restaurants and Kiosks.
  • Isabela has strikinglandscapesandappealingnaturalbeauty. Bring a camera with you for a lifetime of photographic
  • In low seasons,beaches have few visitors.
  • For children’s birthdays, summer-day trips, or just general celebrations, Fun Kids World is a great place in Isabela.

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    The crescent beach with the surf break and a lot buildings in this article is NOT Isabela. I do not know what it is, but it is NOT Isabela. You should be ashamed. Isabela beaches are not crowded like this, nor are they as placid at this.


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