Fashion Tips For Girls

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All girls wish to look beautiful and attractive. Some are endowed with natural beauty and they do not require much of a style or makeup to draw the attention of others. But others need to work on their looks and total features to get the importance that all young girls naturally crave for. However, simply wearing stylish and costly clothes does not make a girl look decent and sophisticated. There is much more to know about fashion and style.

Fact 1 What Makes A Girl Look Fashionable

There are certain basics that all girls must know to achieve the ravishing look that stylish girls often show off about. They are namely:

  • Maintaining a good figure.
  • Selecting the appropriate attire.
  • Using imagination to create new looks.
  • Having the courage to experiment with styles.
  • Being confident about your looks and styles.

Fact 2 How To Look Beautiful

There are some girls who seem to be good at everything. They choose the perfect outfits, the right colors and appropriate accessories. It is their sense of proportion and style that gives them the ability to dress up in style wherever they go. But those who are not so fashion conscious they should take care of the following aspects when choosing their apparels:

  1. A girl must have the basics like T-shirts, skinny black jeans, and the classic black color pumps in her collection so that she is never out of style.
  2. Introduce layers in your regular dresses. A sheath dress van also be worn as a jumper. Experimenting with layers will give you fashionable looks that you have never thought about before.
  3. Use your imagination and go ahead with new combinations. Be bold when you try out something innovative. It will become a fashion statement of your own. Polka dots and stripes may look good on you. Play with colors, prints and geometrical shapes in a moderate combination to look outstanding.
  4. Find out what makes you look more attractive. The fit and cuts that express your personality and designs that you can carry with confidence helps you to stay cool and look hot as well. Choosing colors according to skin tone is important. Sometimes a combination of various shades enhances your looks.
  5. When you mix and match your attire, take care to select the same type of fabrics for both the tops and bottoms of your outfit. Both together must maintain a balance like wearing a baggy shirt with baggy trousers is allowed but a combination of skin-fit jeans and loose-fit uppers will give you an unbalanced appearance. Therefore you need to choose correctly.
  6. Do not neglect the accessories. They often add a feather to the entire look. Wearing a smart cowboy hat or exotic belt or boots offers a smarter look when paired with the right type of dresses.
  7. Choose attire that enhances your curves and portrays your personality as well. Wear the tailored dresses when you go to a party. Wear your heels, do your hair decently and carry a handbag of a proportionate size. Be confident and walk in style.

Fact 3 About The Make-up

Young girls need not use too much of make-up every day. Simple sunscreen lotions, eye-liner and lip gels are just enough to go to college. Office-goers require a little more than that. To look gorgeous on special occasions like weddings, wear the appropriate make-up that will make you look more charming and turn the heads of all at the party. Remove your make-up well before going to bed.

The sense of fashion is totally personal and maintaining your own dignity and style depends entirely on the individual.

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