Difference Between Sushi And Sashimi

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People around the world today, love to taste cuisines of different countries. Foodies especially, try to experiment with various types of food cooked differently only to appease their taste buds. It is also a hobby for some people. Sushi and Sashimi, although sounds more or less the same, are two Japanese dishes that have quite a few differences between them.

Fact 1 What Is Sushi

The word Sushi literally means “it is sour”. This Japanese dish consists of slices of raw fish that is wrapped in or laid over and sometimes served around Sushi rice which is rice with vinegar that gives the dish a sour taste. Most people think that Sushi and raw fish raw are the same. But it is a wrong notion. Sushi is rice to which vinegar has been added along with other ingredients. Raw fish may be added to it but it is not compulsory. However, if fish is served with Sushi rice, it is raw fish and not cooked or baked in any form.

Fact 2 Kinds Of Sushi

Sushi, in Japan is prepared in various ways. However, the basic ingredient is rice and vinegar. Sushi rolls are sometimes served sheets made of seaweed, soya bean skin or rice paper that is dried and can be rolled into sheets. The common Sushi is the Nigiri, or dried seaweed cups of small sizes that have seafood as the fillings and is known as Gunkan. Norimaki is another form of Sushi roll that is prepared in a different way outside Japan. In Japan, the Sushi roll is wrapped in dried sheets and cones whereas outside Japan the seafood is found inside and the special Sushi rice is found as the cover of the rolls.

Fact 3 What Is Sashimi

Unlike Sushi, Sashimi is simple raw fish that is sliced into very thin pieces. It is one of the famous delicacies of the Japanese. The word Sashimi literally means “pierced body”. Fresh fish is always used in this dish and sometimes they are kept in aquariums until they are served. A dip or a sauce accompanies Sashimi but not rice. The sauce is often made of wasabi paste, ginger and soy sauce. Generally tuna or salmon fish is served in Sashimi. However, some people use meat also in place of fish.

Fact 4 Food Value Of Sushi

Sushi is a combined dish that contains not only raw fish but also rice and vegetables also. It is rich in calories and carbohydrates because of the rice. The fish supplies Omega3 fatty acids as sea-fish like salmon, tuna, squids, mackerel, octopus, scallops and clams etc. are great sources of Omega3 as well as other minerals like phosphorus and magnesium. Raw red meat is not very common. Regarding the safety of Sushi and Sushi rolls, it has been found that they are more or less safe when they are consumed in controlled helpings and are cleaned thoroughly before preparation of the cuisines. But doctors restrict the consumption of Sushi or Sashimi also for pregnant women as well as those who have weak immunity system or any other ailments.

Fact 5 Health Factors Of Sashimi

The two basic fish used to prepare Sashimi is Tuna and Salmon. Other varieties of fish such as Sea bream, yellowtail, mollusks, shellfish, mackerel, and squid are also used along with meat. Sometimes, eggs of Salmon and sea urchins too are served. They are all rich in Omega3 and other minerals. Although horse-meat is seldom used, some consume it. However it is risky to have raw red meat because it is extremely difficult to digest and there are chances of food-borne infections and serious diseases.

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