Difference Between Red And White Wine

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Wine, as a drink is enjoyed by most people and choosing the best wine is an art. One must have knowledge about the various types of wines available and how they are prepared to select the right ones.

Fact 1 What Is Wine

Wine is a drink that is made from grapes. Various types of grapes like black grapes and white grapes are used to make different types of wines. Actually, the color of black grapes vary from red to bluish tint or deep indigo and light ruby shade. Whereas, white grapes are not absolutely white but are of a green, yellowish green or light orange and gold shades. There are various parts of grapes and whioch parts should be used for making wine is decided by the winemaker.

Fact 2 How Is Wine Made

Ripe grapes are harvested and then crushed in clean containers to squeeze out the juice. This is then fermented which requires yeast that is available on the skin of the grapes naturally from the vineyards. Sometimes artificial yeast is added if required. The yeast present in the crushed grapes react with the sugar content present in juice. This process of fermentation produces alcohol. Fermentation is done according to the type of wine that is being made. Some wines are fermented for a few days while others for years. The difference of the wines depends largely on this factor as well as on the containers in which they are made. Even the various parts of the grapes that are included or discarded when the grapes are crushed bring about a difference in the taste.

Fact 3 Difference Between Red And White Wine

Red and white wine are made from grapes and contain tannins, glycerin, alcohol and acidity. Yet they have great differences due to the type of grapes used, and how they are made. The main differences between red and white wine are namely:

  1. Difference in color – Red wine is made from red grapes. The grapes are dark in color and have more pigment. When the wine is prepared, the skin of the grapes and pieces of the fruit is allowed to ferment along with the juice. After fermentation is complete, the solids are removed. But this is not done in the case of white wine. The juice of white grapes is pressed and allowed to ferment without any solids or skin of the grapes. Hence the color remains clear unlike red wine that has the red tinge.
  2. Alcohol content – Red wine has a higher level of alcohol content as compared to white wine mainly because, black/red grapes are picked when they are fully ripe and have more sugar content.
  3. Difference in feeling – Red wine offers more body than white wine due to the amount of tannins, alcohol content and the fermentation process of the wines differ from each other greatly.
  4. Difference in flavor – Red wine has a more complex flavor as compared to white wine. There are numerous flavors and it is really difficult to choose which is better. The usual flavors are spicy, meaty or fruity. White wine is lighter and simpler in taste. The floral or citrus flavor of fruits and a crispy tinge is more prominent in white wine.

At the stores, you will find such a huge variety of both red and white wines that it sometimes becomes difficult to decide which one to order for a party. Those who prefer the fruity and light flavors are comfortable with white wines. But those who want something more, opt for the red wines. But it is not recommended for diabetics as the sugar content is quite high in red wines.

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