Ten Absorbing Facts About Chemistry

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1. Chemistry is all around you.

  • Everything that makes up your surroundings are matter (basic term used in chemistry).
  • Matter, in its simplest definition is anything with mass and occupies a space.

2. Chemistry is a fascinating branch of physical science.

  • It is the study of the composition, properties structure and the state of matter.
  • Chemicals come in different types and characteristics (acid and base) which can create new substances from undergoing various chemical reactions.
  • Mixing coffee granules with hot water gives you a cup of hot coffee and bringing water into freeze are simply chemistry.


3. Chemistry is the bridge to all natural sciences.

  • It has enumerable applications to all scientific disciplines.
  • It is considered as the center of study of most of the branches and fields of science.
  • It is divided into major sub disciplines and specialized fields.
  • It has also established its foundations of fundamental concepts and is governed by laws to strengthen the pathway connections to other sciences.


4. Chemistry has an outstanding role in the necessities of life.

  • Can you imagine how you would wash your clothes, take a shower and cook your foods without using any form of substances and chemical compounds?
  • The detergents, shampoo and other household substances are all derived from chemicals.
  • The clothes you wear would not be possible without understanding chemistry.
  • Every substances people use in their everyday existence is made up of chemicals, a fact.

5.Chemistry has an irreproachable relationship with Biology.

  • Chemistry and biology has inseparable link.
  • Biochemistry is related to molecular biology which deals with the study of interactions between cells and chemical compounds that make up a living organism.
  • Biological make up of living organism needs chemicals to function properly to sustain life.


6. Chemistry plays a marvelous role in feeding the growing world.

  • Its responsibility in agriculture industry is remarkable.
  • To keep pace with the multiplying world population, food production supply should definitely meet its demand.
  • Chemistry unmasks the use of chemicals which help increase agricultural production.
  • Modern agriculture is quite dependable to advancement in the study of chemistry.
  • Pesticides and fertilizer are among the chemicals that maximizes the yield in crops.


7. Chemistry has prodigious support in forensic investigations.

  • Detection and solving a crime is one of the challenges facing law enforcement agencies.
  • Chemistry is applied in crime investigation through the use of scientific methods (Forensic chemistry).
  • It utilizes different types of tests, methods and techniques to decode evidences from compounds found in a crime scene.

8. Chemistry though has negative sides.

  • Disadvantages of chemistry may uncontrollably arise.
  • Synthetic chemicals undergo chemical transformations if dispersed in the air can be toxic and poisonous.
  • Chemical pollutants if discharged (caused by human activities or even natural occurrences) and accumulates in undesirable level can potentially harm nature.


9. Chemistry brings headway creations in pharmaceutical industry.

  • The discovery of penicillin (and other drugs) would not be possible if not with chemistry.
  • Pharmaceutical (medicinal) chemistry in close combination with biology, involves designing and chemical synthesis to come up with preparation of compounds and produce medicines.

10.Chemistry makes life get going.

  • Everything that makes up the world is possible because of chemistry.
  • The air (oxygen) you breathe is a chemical element which is the most vital to the human body.
  • Transformation of raw materials from natural resources creates products for the benefit of the majority that are very useful in everyday life.

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