10 Facts You Should Know About Crimea

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The Crimean Peninsula (or simply popular as Crimea), is situated on the North Coastline of the Black Sea and Northeast Coastline of the smaller Sea of Azov, surrounded approximately 70% by water. It borders south of the Ukrainian region of Kherson and west of the Russian region of Kuban. Today, the same peninsula, which was gifted to Ukraine by a Soviet leader almost 60 years ago, has become a threat for Russia, against the West.

1. History of Crimea:

For ages, Crimea was conquered by nomadic tribes, such as Genoese, Scythians, Byzantians and Greeks. Later in the 18th Century, the Russian Empire took possession of the territory after a series of wars with the Ottoman Empire. Following this, the 1774 Kuchuk-Kainarji peace treaty was signed, after which the Crimean Khanate aligned with Russia.

Later, the same rugged peninsula jutting into the Black Sea was given a Greek name ‘Taurida’, by the Empress Catherine the Great.

2. At Present:

Roughly 58% of the population today are Russians (the majority race), 24% are Ukrainians and 12% percent are Crimean Tatars. Even in their largest city, Sevastopol, over 70% of the population are Russians.

3. The Future:

The concluding objective of the ethnic Russian residents is to decide whether the region should safeguard its current status as an independent region in Ukraine or become part of Russia again.

4. For Survival:

Crimea attracts a lot of tourist around the year because of its semiarid climate. However, it depends roughly around 70% on Ukraine for food and water, which is still one of the largest producers of corn and wheat. More than 50% of the total production passes through Crimean ports, and therefore the Crimean economy is primarily devoted to food production and distribution industries. Crimea also relies on Ukraine for much of its electricity.

5. Biggest Strength:

Crimea’s biggest strength is its oil and gas reserves. It has several natural gas fields and two oil fields, both onshore and offshore, situated on the Black Sea.

6. Economy Status:

Tourism tops the chart, and then comes agriculture. Other important industries include food production, capturing 60% of the total shares, followed by fuel productions, chemical fields, metal works and mechanical engineering. The count is of 291 large industrial enterprises and 1002 small business enterprises.

7. Places of Interest:

According to National Geographic’s 2013 ratings, Crimea was among one of the ‘Top 20 Travel Destinations’ because of its significant natural resources blessed with landscape, mountains, plateaus, grasslands and historical caves. The most recommended areas to visit include:

  • South shore of Crimea : Yalta, Alushta
  • Western shore: Eupatoria , Saki
  • South-Eastern shore: Feodosia, Sudak

8. Other Places of Interest:

Koktebel, Swallow’s Nest, Tauric Chersonesos, Livadia Palace, Vorontsov Palace, Bakhchisaray Palace, Massandra Palace and Winery, Nikitsky Botani, Mount Mithridat, Scythian Treasure, Novyi Svit.

9. Language:

Crimea is a 2 million population belt, and according to the 2001 census, 77% of Crimean inhabitants take Russian as their native launguage, followed by Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian.

  1. Five Famous People Born:
  • Sergey Alexandrovich Karjakin: World’s youngest Chess Grandmaster who set records at the age of 12 years and 7 months.
  • Oleksandr Oleksandrovich Usyk: A Professional boxer who won the 2008 European Amateur Boxing Championships, the 2011 World Amateur Boxing Championships and Gold Medal at the 2012 London Olympics.
  • Yuri Nikolayevich Adzhem: A retired Soviet football player. He is also the present Russian coach.
  • Boris Khodorov: A famous Professor, Physiologist, D.Sc., and the Chairman of the Cell Physiology section of Moscow Physiological Society.
  • Yehor Kartushov: A Ukrainian born football player presently playing for FC Desna Chernihiv.

Other Details:

  • Capital City: Simferopol (since October 1921 till date).
  • Religion: Christianity, Islam.

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