Ten Mind-filling Facts About Biology

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1. Biology is the science of life.

  • It comes from Greek word ‘bios’ life ‘logos’ study.
  • It is a natural science that studies diversity and similarities of all life forms.
  • It traces the origin of life in its biological order starting from the smallest composition of living organism all the way to its exceptional complexities.
  • It helps you understand your own body, so you would know what is really going on inside.

 2. Biology is a multidisciplinary field of study.

  • It is composed of several branches and sub disciplines.
  • It comes in a huge scale of study which can solve real life problems.

3. Biology makes things go easier.

  • Due to advancement brought by the study of biology, it offers living a life in comfort.
  • It provides logical explanation on various aspects of life for optimal functioning.


4. Biology has a significant responsibility for the protection of all living creature.

  • Ecology is a field of study of biology and Earth science to analyze how all living creatures and beings interacts with the environment to constitute an ecosystem.
  • It goes hand in hand with environmental conservationism to help us understand what things can do harm and help nature to keep it thriving and make the most out of what the environment has to offer to mankind.
  • It aims to aid in the adaptation and maintaining the state of equilibrium of living organisms from facing spontaneous transition to the external environment.


5. Biology is related to physics and chemistry.

  • Living organism sustain life by nourishing itself with foods which are broken down into chemical compounds to fuel cellular activities.
  • Biochemistry studies the fundamental chemistry of life.
  • It explains how nutritional requirements the body needs in order to function properly.
  • Physics is concerned in energy distribution in all biological processes.


6. Biology is indispensible in developing of modern medicines.

  • Medicines are incredibly important to restore and maintain health.
  • Biology is the cornerstone of discovery and manufacturing of medicines through various fields of research.


7. Biology answers the origin of diseases.

  • Microorganisms that can potentially harm other organisms are everywhere in nature.
  • These are microscopic creatures that cause diseases.
  • Through the study of microbes in microbiology, it can be clearly identify the etiology of a certain disease (viral, parasitic or fungal infection).
  • Furthermore, the study of microbe activity leads to vaccine development for ending fatality outbreaks of these diseases.



8. Biology may have its disastrous use too.

  • It gives rise to the discovery of synthetic biology.
  • Inconvenient biology is a term that can be used as a mean for causing harm than good for all living organisms.
  • The intentional release of biological agents as weapons in bioterrorism is a very clear example of synthetic biology.

9. Biology has a relevant implication in agriculture.

  • It has imperative industrial purposes.
  • Increasing the productivity of plants and animals is made possible through agricultural biology.
  • It uncovers the technique of improving biochemical compositions of crops and live stocks for hybridization.
  • It also develops the chemical and biological methods to combat pests and diseases.
  • Bioengineering is focused on applying the concepts and methods of biology.

10. Biology offers endless possibilities.

  • Being the fundamental science with countless branches of study, it shapes the world with discoveries
  • Biology will contribute to the cure of cancer.
  • Scientists are still in the verge of deep study of the cause and cure of cancer.
  • In a not so distant future or maybe sooner, cure of cancer is very possible through biology.


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