Interesting Facts About Pears

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Among the varieties of fruits available around the world, Pears have a distinct flavor and nutritional value. There are more than 3,000 varieties of pears growing in different parts of the globe and each one has unique shape, color and flavor. You will however never get pears that are not juicy and sweet.

Fact 1 History
According to history, Stone Age people used pears as food first. The fruits that we get today are the ancestors of the trees that grew in the regions in south-eastern Europe and western Asia. Pear is a kind of deciduous tree that belongs to the Rose family. Pears were grown in China about 1134 years B.C.

Fact 2 Cultivation Of Pears And Description
In 1620, the first pear tree was planted in the United States of America. In the early years of 1700s, because of the soft and juicy texture of pears, they were nicknamed “butter fruit”. Pears grow well in moderate climate where there is enough sun and well-drained soil. These trees can grow to a height of 39 to 49 feet and the top of the trees have a pyramid shape. The leaves are oval or heart shaped and they are alternately arranged on the branches of the trees. The flowers that grow before the fruits are pink or white in color and insects are the main pollinators of the flowers. The pear fruit comes in various shapes like round, oval or conical which are covered with yellow, green or reddish skin. The flesh inside the fruit is white or creamy colored and at the center of the fruit there are tiny stone cells. There is a variety of pears that are grown for ornamental purposes also.

Fact 3 The Perfect Soil For Growing Pears
The delectable pears grow best in rich volcanic soil. This kind of soil forms the foundation required for growing these superb pears that are sweet and juicy containing a variety of minerals. As the water from the snow and the nearby river-beds seeps into the ground, these minerals are enveloped and soaked up through the roots of the pear trees. These elements serve as the vital nourishment as the tree grows and bears fruits in the bright sunshine. Pears have an exceptional combination of nature’s elements that make this fruit so juicy and wholesome. Pears are harvested when they are green in color because they continue to ripen even after they are plucked down from the trees. This method prevents the pears from becoming overripe and they are sent out for sale on time.

Fact 4 Pears Are Packed With Nutrition
Pears are one of the most popular fruits in the world. They are rich sources of a whole lot of nutrition that every individual requires. They are packed with nutritious fibers, Vitamin C and E, pectin, anti-carcinogen and plenty of anti-oxidants. These sweet and juicy fruits are fat-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free that makes it such a wonderful fruit that everyone loves.

Fact 5 Health Benefits Of Having Pears:
• Pears contain pectin that lowers cholesterol levels and tones the intestines.
• Vitamin C and Vitamin E are the two powerful anti-oxidants present in pears that help to control high blood pressure and cardiac problems.
• The copper content present in pears act as good anti-oxidants and these protect cells from damages caused by free radicals and are crucial for enhancing the immunity system. Pear juice has an anti-inflammatory effect and so helps to relieve inflammatory pain.
• The high boron content in pears helps the body to retain calcium and thereby acts as a guard against osteoporosis. Pear juice acts as a laxative also.
Besides human diet, pears are used in the furniture and musical instruments and also in kitchen utensils.

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