Interesting Facts About Roosters

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The sight of a rooster perched on a fence post with his bright plumage is a common sight especially if you step out of the crowded cities. It is also known as a cockerel or cock and there are amazing stories about roosters that kids enjoy.

Fact 1 – Description
A rooster is a male chicken. The scientific name for rooster is Gallus Domesticus. It has a striking appearance and can be easily differentiated from a hen by its striking, colorful plumage. The tail is long and flowing and there are bright pointed feathers on their necks. It is bigger in size than the hen and his large comb on top of his head is simply unique. It is the specialty of roosters that makes it so attractive.

Fact 2 – Specialties of A Rooster
A rooster is best known for its amazing call “cock-a-doodle-doo” – and based on this exclusive call of the rooster there are rhymes and stories also about this bird. A rooster starts crowing from an early age about just four months. Although hens can also crow, the crowing of a rooster is more distinct and louder than any other calls of this species. He is considered to be the alarm clock for the farmer. It wakes up with the sun and with its loud crowing wakes up the farmers so that they can get ready to go to tend their animals. A rooster does not only crow but can also cluck like the hen. Sometimes he makes various modulations of his sounds and patterned series of clucks to attract hens when he finds food. This behavior of a rooster is like a mother hen that clucks the same way to call her chicks to a source of food.

Fact 3 – Amazing Facts About Their Calls

Once the roosters start calling, they cannot be stopped. It is a kind of a crowing contest and anything can trigger them like a car arriving, a phone ringing, a dog’s barking and even the chiming of bells or a clock chiming. They make different sounds too that convey different messages. They growl at other roosters to threaten them or to keep them in line. They have warning calls to that help others to become conscious about the presence of a predator or a hawk.

Fact 4 – Behavior of Roosters
Roosters are mostly aggressive as compared to the females. It is his responsibility to look after his hens and chicks and take care of their safety and also to see they are able to eat without being disturbed by other roosters. It is not that roosters crow in the early mornings. Practically they will crow at any time of the day. The vociferous roosters crow almost constantly unlike others that crow only at certain times of the day. This habit depends on the roosters’ breed and personality. They mostly crow to claim their specific territories and authority over the brood.

Fact 5 – Other Features of Roosters
Roosters are omnivores. They peck worms, fruits, grains, seeds, insects, snails, acorns, slugs and such other foods. They cannot fly too high. They do not have sense of taste or smell but can hear well. These are domesticated birds and are seen almost in all parts of the world except Antarctica. They mostly prefer to live in warm and mild climates.

Fact 6 – Zodiac Sign
You will see the rooster among the Chinese zodiac signs. The last Year of the Rooster was in 2005 and the next will be in 2017. All those who are born in the Year of the Rooster are believed to be sharp, ambitious, fashion lovers, quick-minded and honest.

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