Facts about Vampires

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1.Source of the Word Vampire

Most scholars argue that the term ‘vampire’ is either derived from Turkish or Hungarian languages. Other scholars say the word is picked from the Greed term that means to drink or from the word nosophoros, which means ‘plague carrier in the Greek language. There are suggestions that the term vampire may be derived from Serbo-Croatian or Serbian language. Numerous words referring to vampires are found in different cultures which suggest that they are ingrained in the human mind.

 2. A Group of Vampires

Different terms are used to refer to a group of vampires. They include brood, clutch, clan and pack. Count Dracula is perhaps the most popular vampire that ever existed. The Muppet vampire is based on a real vampire myth. An easy way to stop vampires is to throw mustard seed outside the door or to put fishing nets on the exterior parts of the window. Vampires are said to be tempted to count the holes on a net or the seeds on the floor which delays them till sun rise.

 3. Dolmen Speculations

Dolmens are prehistoric monuments of stone that are found on top of graves in northwest Europe. There are speculations by Anthropologists that they were placed on graves to prevent vampires from coming out. A disease called porphyria, that is quite rare is known as Dracula or vampire. The disease is said to cause vampire like signs like hairiness and sensitivity to sunlight. When advanced, the disease can cause reddish brown staining of teeth and madness.

 4. Vampire-like Medical Disorders

Some of the medical disorders that have been documented that persons that are said to be vampires have suffered include hermaralopia which is daytime blindness and haematodipsia meaning sexual thirst for blood. A anemia, which is lack of blood is usually mistaken as a sign of vampire attack.

5. Most famous Vampire

Countess Elizabeth Bathory who lived between 1560 and 1614 is said to be a famous vampire. She was said to be biting flesh off girls and bathing in blood while torturing them to maintain her youthful beauty. She was an extremely attractive woman.

6. Basis of Vampire Legends

Vampire legends have their basis on Vlad the Impaler, also called Vlad of Walachia who lived between 1431 and 1476. Vlad used to skin people alive, nail hats on people’s heads and impale them on straight stakes. He would dip his bread into his enemies’ blood before eating it. The name Vlad means the son of Dracula or the dragon. He has been associated with Deacular and known to have been killed in 1476. His grave is said to be empty.

7. Early Vampire Accounts

Early vampire accounts are found in the ancient Babylonian and Sumerian myth that dates back to 4000 BC. They describe edimmu or ekimmu meaning one who was snatched away. Ekimmu is a kind of a demon or spirit whose burial was not done properly and ha come back as a vengeful spirit that sucks life from the living.

8. Egyptian book of the Dead Myth

According to Egyptian’s book of the dead, is one of the 5 parts of the human soul does not get some offerings; it gets out of the tomb in search of nourishment. This includes sucking blood from the living.

 9. Egyptian Goddess drunk Blood

Sekhemet, an Egyptian goddess is said to drink blood and Kaliof India, a fanged goddess had a strong desire for blood.

10. Chinese Vampires

The Chinese vampires were known as chiang shih which means corpse hopper. They had crooked claws and red eyes and are said to have had strong sexual desire that cause them to attack women. As they became stronger, they got white long hair, got the capability to fly, and changed into wolves.

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