Facts about Twitter

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 1. Originally, Twitter was Twttr

Twitter is an online social network that was originally known as Twttr. The name changed later to Twitter. It took three years, two months and one day to arrive at the one billion tweets after the launch of Twitter. Today, it takes about a week for twitter users to tweet the one billion tweets.

 2. Starbucks is popular on Twitter

Starbucks is mentioned in every 10 tweets sent every second. An average user on twitter tweets about 307 times. President Obama’s victory tweet became the most retweeted tweet in the history of Twitter. It got over 800,000 retweets. Elections of 2012 had 31.7 million tweets that were political breaking Twitter records. The Election Day became the most tweeted event in the history of US politics.

 3. Twitter Usage

An estimated 32 percent of internet users use Twitter and 69 percent of follows appearing on Twitter are often suggestions from friends. In 2012 alone, about one million accounts were opened each day on Twitter. Lady Gaga is the Twitterer that is followed by most people. She has about 33 million followers on Twitters and she gains followers at a rate that is faster than the rate at which new accounts are opened on Twitter.

 4. S. Twitter Accounts

There are approximately 141.8 million Twitter accounts in the U.S.  This represents about 27.4 percent of Twitter users across the globe. 50 percent of people who use Twitter use the social network platform through their mobile devices.

 5. Twitter in Sporting Events

The London Olympics created about 150 million tweets in just 16 days. During the Super Bowl sporting event in 2012, there were more than 13.7 million tweets relating to the football event. One million of these tweets appeared during the last five minutes of the game.

 6. Twitter Purchase Decisions

An estimated 64 percent of consumers have at one point made a buying decision based on the content shared on Twitter. Out of all persons on social media aged between 18 and 34, 91 percent talk about brands.  60 percent of people who own smartphones in the U.S. visit their preferred social media sites each day today compared to 54 percent in 2011. 46 percent of social media users in the U.S. use their mobile phones to access social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, a 9 percent increase from 2011’s 37 percent.

 7. Largest Twitter Following

Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have more followers on Twitter than the populations of South Africa, Germany, Egypt, Argentina, Turkey and Canada. Saudi Arabia is the world’s fastest growing tweeting nation with over 3 million active users and a 300 percent annual growth rate. An approximated 181,254 Twitter users use the term social media on their bio.

 8. Average Twitter Followers

An average user on Twitter has about 126 followers while an average business that uses Twitter has 14,709 followers. More devices are connected to internet than the number of people on Earth. Each day, there are 340 million tweets sent out and 16 percent of internet users in the U.S. are on Twitter.

 9. Brand that is most Followed on Twitter

YouTube is the most followed brand found on Twitter, the brand has 19 million followers. 60 percent of users on Twitter are female. Twitter users spend an average of 21 minutes on the social network.

 10. Twitter Personnel

From 2008 to 2011, Twitter staff increased by 5000 percent. Each week, Sweden’s official account on Twitter is updated by a different person. There are 10 people employed by McDonalds to run its Twitter account.

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