Facts About Boron

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Boron is a common element that can be found almost anywhere.  Most people are exposed to this element from the food that they eat.  This same element is also present in the air and on the soil lending its usefulness to plants.  Various household products also contain boron in form likes borax or boric acid among many others. The following are some interesting facts associated with Boron:

Fact 1:  Boron is often considered by scientist as a crazy element.  Being a metalloid, Boron has both metallic and non-metallic properties and this makes it behave rather unusual and unpredictable for many scientists.  With its behavior in terms of its reactions with other elements or on certain conditions, Boron is often referred to as the crazy or schizophrenic element.

Fact 2:  Being an unusual element makes Boron a common chemical for display during science fairs and similar events.  When mixed with liquid glue, this element will display liquid properties when poured from a container but becomes solid when pressure is exerted on it.  The fluid called oobleck is composed of boron and this is commonly highlighted during science-related events.

Fact 3:  Boron is widely believed to have had a great contribution to the evolution of life on Earth. It was found in the oldest of rocks and is said to be a key component in RNA function for animal and human genes.

Fact 4:  Next to Carbon, Boron holds the distinction of being the second strongest element when it is measured in crystal form.  Its dense components contribute to make its chemical structure strong and stable.

Fact 5:  Boron is a key nutrient in plants. Plants will not be able to grow and develop without this specific nutrient from the air and soil.  Boron is known to support the functioning of stem cells which basically provide life and development by forming other cells for different essential functions.

Fact 6:  Pure Boron is actually dark in color.  Most people may see white borax in powder form.  Others may also see boron-based materials to be light or clear in color.  When extracted in its pure form, Boron is actually dark and amorphous.

Fact 7:  Boron is also used in the manufacture of pyrotechnics or firework displays.  It can easily provide flares and ignition making it an ideal component of fireworks.  In pyrotechnic displays, Boron provides the very distinctive green flashes of color.

Fact 8:  Boron can easily provide ignition or flaring making it a key component in the manufacture of rocket fuels. These special fuels basically need good igniters for rocket propulsion and Boron is one of many chemicals that can provide this particular task well.

 Fact 9:  Exposure to high amounts of Boron for animals is linked to concerns in fetal development.  This effect has been attributed to Boron’s actions that relate to neural development and important cells in the body of subject animals which was later linked to problems in the development of the fetus.

Fact 10:  Boron’s atomic components are strong enough to be made into thin sheets.  Similar to graphene, the so-called “borophene” sheets are also potential elements for thermal and/or electrical conduction studies.

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