Facts About Stevie Wonder

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Stevie Wonder or Steveland Morris is an American musical sensation that has been mesmerizing the entire world with his musical numbers from the 70s. A former child prodigy has now become one of the most creative musical figures of the late 20th century.

Fact 1 Stevie Wonder’s Childhood Days

Stevie Wonder was born on the 13th of May in 1950, in Saginaw, Michigan. Steveland Hardaway Judkins was made blind as a result of a hospital error soon after his birth. He showed excellent musical talent at the age of 4 at a church choir in Detroit. Later with a variety of instruments including the harmonica, piano and the drums which he learnt to play on his own at an early age of 10 years only he showed his exclusive talents.

Ronnie White of the Miracles arranged an audition with Motown Records’ Berry Gordy Jr. He was signed in and named Little Stevie Wonder. His first album made him a big star and he enrolled in the Michigan School for the Blind to study classical piano.

His first album, ‘Little Stevie Wonder the 12 Year Old Genius’, made the child a huge. He never had to look back and continued to work on his skills as a songwriter and producer. Wonder practically won all possible Grammy awards, winning Best R & B Artist, Best Album, Best Song, and Best Male Vocal during the 70s.

Fact 2 His Musical Journey

Wonder’s 1972 tour with the Rolling Stones introduced him to a huge white audience, but this period was not positive for him and in a car accident he was left in a coma for 4 days. The results of the crash made him partially lose his sense of taste and temporary loss of the sense of smell. However during the 80s he reached the heights of fame and the biggest hits that one could imagine. ‘Hotter than July’ in 1980 was his first platinum selling album. The number ‘Happy Birthday’ was actually used in a campaign to establish Dr Martin Luther King’s birthday as a US national holiday.

Fact 3 Releases Of Stevie Wonder

The composer, musician and singer Wonder, offered his audience some of the most unique albums like Muscle Beach Party and Bikini Beach, Uptight and many others. The four outstanding albums Talking Book, Inner visions, Fulfillingness, First Finale and Songs in the Key of Life rocked the world. In 1989 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A series of work followed thereafter like ‘Conversation Peace. For Your Love’ won two Grammys at the 1996 Grammy Awards for Best R & B Song and Best R & B Male vocal. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award by Barrack Obama who considers him as his musical hero. The list of his work is endless and it is needless to say that they were all super hits.

Fact 4 Versatility Of Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is one of the few musicians to play virtually all the instruments in his recordings. He has always advocated nonviolent political change patterned after Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, Wonder epitomized sixties Utopianism. Wonder’s extensive humanitarian nature concentrated on AIDS awareness, antiapartheid efforts, crusades against drunk driving and drug abuse, and fund-raising for blind and mentally disabled children and the homeless.

Fact 5 Recent Years

Wonder performed in Marrakesh on June 28, 2013, for an international treaty providing blind and visually impaired individuals worldwide with more access to books. Wonder has released two new albums, When the World Began and Ten Billion Hearts, in 2014. He also wants to do a gospel album in tribute to his late mother Lula Mae Hardaway.

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