Interesting Facts About Skateboarding

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Skateboarding has been around for quite some time now. Skateboarding probably began in California as the waves were too weak for surfing. It is now an interesting sport and all adventure lovers enjoy skateboarding whenever they visit places that offer such facilities.

Fact 1 Evolution Of Skateboarding

The very first skateboards of 1900s were more like scooters and were generally wood-bases with milk crates nailed onto them and had handles. Next roller skates attached to a board was used. There were new innovations when urethane wheels were invented. Rides became smoother and noiseless and even the banks and ditches became places where one could use these skateboards because the new wheels could grip concrete as well. By 1963 skateboarding became very popular especially among sports enthusiasts. During 1973 and 1975 skateboards became more sophisticated and stronger. They were made of fiberglass, a fine material that gained more popularity among the crowd. Experiments were carried on by companies like Jack’s, Hobie and Makaha to manufacture the highest quality skateboards using everything from wood to aluminum. Skateboarding reached its highest popularity when it was included in the mainstream games with the 1995 ESPN’s Extreme Games. Some of the well known figures of skateboarding are Borger Johnson, Woody Woodward and Danny Berar.

Fact 2 Music and Skateboarding

History has evidences of music been involved in skateboarding from a long time. The variety of musical styles involved in this sport is well known to all. Today, there are certain unique genres that are closely associated with skateboarding. The fast beats help to boost up the adrenaline glands while skating. Reggae was the first music style that was identified with this sport. Other music styles related to skateboarding traditionally are punk or rock music while recently hip-hop and street culture have influenced skateboarders who are enjoying these styles also. A diverse infusion of cultures have become a part of skateboarding that include hard rock, punk, hip hop and street style culture. Today skateboarding is not confined to only a small area but this sport has been embraced all over the world.

Fact 3 Injuries Related To Skateboarding

There are certain risk factors related to skateboarding and other similar types of sports like scooters and rip sticks. They all involve an inherent risk of falling and injuring the lower limb, upper limb and spine or the hips. There are chances of fractured wrist or hip when skateboarders meet with accidents from a height or due to high speed. This sport offers great challenges to adventure-lovers and so when they move at full speed the chances of injuries are very obvious. There are chances of light injuries also like bruises and sprains that are treated by physiotherapy and massages. For serious injuries one must consult the doctor and take immediate measures to treat the injuries. Young children below 15 years especially boys should be more careful during skateboarding.

Fact 4 Skateboarding Gears

Skateboarding is indeed one of the most interesting games but precautionary methods must be adopted before starting the game. The accessories used for skateboarding must be of the highest quality for maximum performance and safety. The gears required are the following:

  1. Helmet for protecting the head and it must be a certified product.
  2. Key pads with Velcro straps.
  3. Elbow pads made of best materials and secured with straps.
  4. Wrist Guards are absolutely important for beginners.
  5. Axle Wrench that is appropriate for the skate axles that you are using.
  6. Small Screwdriver appropriate for the specific brake pad and assembly.
  7. Bearing Pusher/ Extractor that is right for the bearings.
  8. Spare wheel and Spare Brake
  9. Spare axle parts.
  10. Night time lights and carrying straps.

Skateboarding is a sport and by maintaining safety rules one can enjoy unlimited fun.

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